Improving Male & Female Libido & Potency Levels with Natural Remedies

Improving Male & Female Libido & Potency Levels with Natural Remedies

Finding the right person is not always easy. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a healthy love and sex life, no matter what your age or gender is. Modern medicine has advanced to such a degree that it can help you have great sex at every age group. It all began with the surprising discovery of the blue pill and the importance of nitric oxide for male virility and potency. There are also exercises that you can do to keep the prostate healthy. Not to mention that the market is full of natural nutritional supplements and gel stimulators that prolong endurance.

Both the male and female libido are affected and depend on the concentration of the same hormone. This means that you can use the same herbal remedies and extracts to boost the reproductive capacity of both genders. Natural libido enhancers come in all forms and shapes. Some couples prefer to take pills to have better sex. Others – to use gels and lubricants. It all depends on the different needs. By all means, it is best to combine the intake and application with healthier dietary, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Which herbs can help me have better and longer sex with my partner? What is the human libido? Which natural supplements and gels can help me improve the quality of intimacy between me and my partner? Are they safe? How to prolong the duration of the romantic act?

Find all the answers that you seek about male and female libido in the article below!

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The Human Libido – What Is It & Which Factors Affect It

The Human Libido – What Is It

The word ‘libido’ comes from Latin and means ‘romantic and erotic desire’. Over the centuries, much has been speculated about what makes us experience high or low levels of sexual craving. In the last 20 years, scientists managed to discover that both male and female libido depends on the same hormone. Its concentration is what makes us long for intimate contact. Or not. Of course, you should keep in mind that communication or its lack in a relationship can also cause highs and lows.

These are the 5 main physical and emotional factors that elevate or decrease human libido levels:

  1. Hormone Balance. The concentration of 1 or more hormones in the body can cause sudden spikes and lows in sexual desire. Men are usually more prone to experience a boost in romantic urges because they have more of them. In women, the glands, responsible for their production, are mainly located in the area of the armpits and the reproductive organs.
  2. Unresolved Problems between the Partners. This can become the reason for a lack of desire for sex. The emotional closeness between two people is one of the important elements of having a good romantic life. On the other hand, frequent arguments and lack of trust lead to enhanced insecurity in bed.
  3. Work & Life Stress. It can manifest itself in a variety of forms – stress at work, lack of money, and caring for a sick relative. Anxiety affects sexual desire because it disrupts the release of cortisol and epinephrine which the body needs.
  4. Chronic Diseases. BPH and prostatitis, heart, and neurological diseases can lead to a change in hormonal levels and hence a decrease in sexual desire. In addition, prolonged illness induces depression which is one of the best killers of lust.
  5. Lowered Quality of Sleep. Insomnia, sleep apnea, and sleep disturbances make testosterone levels drop.

Fun Fact: The Discovery of the Blue Pill!

The blue pill has saved many men from experiencing shame in the bedroom. It is almost 30 years old and has sold about 100,000,000 copies in the world. The pill was originally supposed to treat heart disease. The main ingredient relaxes blood vessels and was thought to treat angina. During clinical trials, it became clear that the molecules were not effective enough to control this condition. But one of the side effects caught the attention of scientists. In some of the study participants, taking the product caused several days of erection. Not long after, the manufacturer reoriented its research focus from cardiovascular diseases to erectile dysfunction in men over 40.

How Can Natural Supplements & Products Help Me Enhance my Libido

Natural Supplements & Products Help Me Enhance my Libido 

As the blue pill can cause some nasty side effects in some groups of men, the market started focusing its attention on natural libido boosters. These are products that improve blood flow to the small pelvis area and help one attain erections for a longer period. The organic supplements often come in the form of capsules, drops, liquids solutions, gels, or lubricants. It all depends on your own preferences. Most of the herbal extracts that boost potency and virility in men are also suitable for women. Of course, it is best to do research first.

Here is how natural supplements and libido-boosting products help you have longer and better sex with your partner:

  • Most of These Products Boost Blood Flow & Circulation to the Reproductive Organs Safely;
  • They Also Excel at Helping Men Get Rid of Prostate Problems Which Are One of the Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction & Prostatitis
  • They Prolong Pleasure for Both Partners & Helps You Spend Quality Time under the Sheets;
  • They Improve Men’s Ability to Be Ready for More Romantic Action after Round 1 Is Complete;
  • Natural Supplements Include Only Tested & Safe Organic Extracts That Keep the Body Toned & Strong;

The Reasons Why Women Suffer from Low Sexual Desire

Why Women Suffer from Low Sexual Desire

It is accepted that the decrease in female libido is due to a complex of reasons of a psychological, mental, and physiological nature. These include loss of self-esteem, problems in interpersonal relationships, stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes. A decrease in libido is not a medical diagnosis but a consequence of many changes in the body. If a woman periodically does not sleep and rest enough, and does not do sports, normal potency enhancers may not work well for her.

However, nutrition can still affect the hormonal background and some physiological indicators. For example, royal jelly and propolis are recommended for mature women, as dietary supplements. They contain microdoses of female sex hormones. Royal jelly, enriched with the phytohormone genistein, has a powerful effect, similar to that of animal estrogen. In combination with chocolate, it excels at restoring normal female desire for sex and lust for life.

Libido-Boosting Foods – Which Are the Best Ones

Libido-Boosting Foods

Libido-boosting foods are usually grouped into 2 categories:

  1. The 1st group includes foods containing vitamins and minerals that can affect mood and increase resistance to stress. These are fish, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream, chocolate, bananas, dates, sesame, and cornflakes.
  2. The 2nd group is based on foods that improve the functioning of the reproductive system and contain zinc and vitamin E. These are shrimp, seaweed, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, legumes, beets, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger.

There are also stand-alone foods that help you improve the quality of intimacy that you share with your partner:

  • After its use, the sensitivity of the genital organs increases;
  • The herb has a similar effect to ginger on erogenous zones;
  • It generates erotic fantasies and is known for its arousing properties;
  • Cayenne Peppers. They effectively dilate blood vessels, helping to increase blood flow to the genitals;
  • Celery Leaves. They contribute to the production of pheromones which are responsible for sexual desire;
  • Dark Chocolate. It enhances dopamine production that makes you crave intimacy;
  • Lemon Balm. It has a tonic effect on the reproductive organs;
  • They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which increase the level of female sex hormones;
  • It compensates for the lack of almost all trace elements of the body and restores stamina levels;

Age & Male Potency Levels

Age & Male Potency Levels

Most men reach their peak sexual form between the ages of 25-35. It is then that a man’s physical, mental state, and experience are in an optimal combination. After this point, they can have various problems in bed. This requires a change in lifestyle and intake of natural libido boosters.

As we age, the functions of the male reproductive organs, like any other organ, begin to weaken. For most problems of this nature, there are various solutions. They are mainly related to diet. At best, male potency enhancers come in the form of supplements. For others, a complete change in psychological attitude is needed to improve performance.

Quality Sex Is Possible at Every Age

There is no need to lower your head in shame if you suffer from erectile or sexual dysfunctions. This can happen to anyone. The most important thing to do is to undertake measures timely. Visit a urologist or sexologist for consultation. Communicate more with your partner. Change something about your bedroom experience. Rest and relax more. Eat healthily. Use natural products for better sex. The combination of all these measures will keep your potency and strength normal, as you age.

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