The most basic concept that stands behind’s establishment is the achievement of a literal and figurative mens sana in corpore sano, or a healthy spirit in a healthy body, by implementing a number of ecological and environmentally-friendly methods into one’s daily routine.

This is also the main reason why our team has placed a dash, representing the symbolic equality between the words style (health) and beauty. A person who has a healthy and robust body has an appealing appearance.

It is also true that the opposite can be stated with absolute certainty. Modern society is used to living in a high-tech world and this has both negative and positive side effects. Most social networks’ widespread popularity has managed to bring different societies and individuals closer together.

But it has also driven them away from their divine roots – nature. Whereas most of the time the latter has all the answers to questions and solutions to problems that humanity will ever need.

Natural Products Have Many Advantages

Most cosmetic products that are composed mainly of natural and herbal extracts can stimulate the metabolism, improve the work of the intestines, and tone the human body, giving it vital strength and energy.

Different statistics and studies show that beauty goods which have a base which features highly active chemical compounds can often induce unwanted side effects such as allergies, stomach troubles, and rashes.

This is why it is of crucial importance to watch out what we consume and apply on ourselves, in the form of cosmetics, foods, and drinks, on a daily basis. Some of them are capable of enhancing the way our immune system works, while others can seriously hinder its operational process to the point where it does not have the power to counter viral infections.

A Healthy Diet is a Man’s Best Friend

Obesity is one of the pressing matters of the era we live in. Not only because it can be aesthetically unpleasant but also because it can lead to a number of serious complications, such as diabetes and blood sugar problems, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic rashes.

This is also where the true meaning of placing a sign of equality between the words health and beauty comes. The one can not exist without the other. There is no plastic surgeon who can implant artificial charm or a sense of happiness.

They can only be achieved through maintaining a natural diet and carrying out regular physical exercises. Which does not mean that one should turn into a professional athlete as having better health and a trim body figure can be brought about with simple yoga workouts, jogging or swimming.

More Physical Activities Means More Energy

When the human body moves actively, the muscles stretch and tighten, the different processes within the organism harmonize and begin to work in a normalized manner. One does also not have to overwork himself too as this can lead to the wearing out of the joints and cartilages.

Regular physical activity can enhance the general health and make the appearance more elegant and slender. All of this leads to a gradual increase in the levels of the hormone of happiness – dopamine, and induce a feeling of vitality and vigor.

This is one of the ways in which to counter the negative impact that daily stress, overwork, and the leading of a sedentary lifestyle can have on the human psyche.

A Healthy Person is a Beautiful Person

Being on a stringent and exhausting diet, systematic sleep deprivation and a number of other factors may disrupt the normal metabolic processes within the body and can lead to depigmentation of the skin, early baldness, and constant virus-induced illnesses.

It is not refreshing to look at yourself in the mirror after a long and emotionally draining work week, especially if one did not have access to healthy food, a sufficient amount of vitamins, and a limited amount of physical exercises.

The image that stares back can often be described as being blue – a dim facial expression, dark circles under the eyes, and the lack of a lust for life. One small step is required in order for the organism to be brought closer to nature and its ways.

When the body is in a good condition, its appearance also betters. One of the most dazzling and fascinating images in the world are of a happy and smiling young person whose cheeks have a rosy color.

Enjoy Life More – It’s Healthy!

The fast-paced lifestyle of the modern individual has drawn him away not only from his roots but has also made him forget how to enjoy the small things in life. An increased number of people can not remember how to relish the time peacefully spent lying in a sunny meadow, listening to the sound of their very own thoughts and the gentle whisper of the wind.

Such a perfect moment of tranquility interrupted only by birds’ songs! Taking the time to read a nice book or listen to relaxing music are also similar moments of pure happiness. Individuals should make more room for them and completely forget about pressing daily issues.

Everyone has to do their best and make more space in their lives for such joyful events if they wish to keep their psyche and body healthy. Increased dopamine levels can also improve the way the immune system works.

Stay in Tune with Yourself!

The most important person in everyone’s life is himself. This is what makes listening to our inner voice so important. As well as living in harmony with nature, keeping our bodies healthy, our minds – clear, and our bodies – in good shape.

One would call this a recipe for true happiness.