We want to present you with more information on how our team compiles and writes the reviews on www.bio-tricks.com. Learn in detail the steps, methods, and goals we follow when researching a product or blog article.

Review Guidelines & Research Methods

Our goal is to provide you with a variety of high-quality and well-researched reviews and articles. So that you can form a better opinion of the product you are looking for. To do this, we offer exclusive insight on a wide range of well-being solutions and health and beauty tips. They are related to areas, such as skin care, health, food, sports, weight loss, love, animals, fashion, and more.

Since our launch in 2016, we have written and published over 1,000 reviews of various innovative products. Our main goal is to create a community of unbiased opinions and healthy living tips for everyone. Ultimately, both our reputation and that of our partner partners depend on it.

We do not charge money to write a review for a product or other service provided on this site. Everything is offered completely free of charge. We invest our time and money to provide quality service to our users. Our revenue comes from affiliate marketing and advertising. For more information on this, see our advertising section.

The Goal of Our Product Overview

Our goal is to inform our readers about:

  • A wide variety of new and existing products or services for health, weight loss, detox, intimate experience, potency, love, beauty, diets, hygiene, and exercises;
  • The different aspects of the products. This is done to help clients understand the reviewed product. As well as its purpose, history, characteristics, functionalities, ingredients, advantages, disadvantages, and quality.
  • The articles are compiled, based on collected reviews, opinions, comments, reputation, and use;
  • Introduce to them alternative beauty and health solutions, similar to those of interest to our readers;
  • Any legal action, fraud, fraudulent activity, withdrawal of products, or regulatory activity, related to a program or product.
Nota Bene! We provide all this information by reviewing dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of recommendations, related to the product or service in question!

Product Review Criterion

Below you will find a guide, outlining the criteria by which we write, edit, and publish our content. This is just a set of guidelines and may vary, depending on the research method, type of product, and writing style.

#1. Product Features

The ‘What Is Section & How Does It Work’ Section provides basic information about the products. This usually includes – product name, manufacturer name, official website, ingredients, and instructions for use. Clients can also find out about its action and purpose, side effects, and price in different countries.

#2. Description, Benefits, & Advantages

The ‘Benefits & Advantages’ Section gives you a more detailed description of the product. This overview part of a review outlines the most important product features and results it gives. It is based on the information, found on the official website. The purpose is to provide insight into the characteristics, properties, use, benefits, and effects.

#3. Opinions, Comments, & Testimonials

This section transcribes the experience of customers, according to the recommendations we have collected in our study. Various comments and reviews, posted by different users for the given beauty and health solution, are taken into account. We simply try to mirror what you like or dislike about the product.

#4. Side Effects & Contraindications

The ‘Side Effects and Contraindications’ Section includes a list of possible negative reactions that the product may have. If such have been reported on part of customers, of course.

#5. Composition & Ingredients

This section provides clients with a list of the main ingredients in a beauty product’s composition. We do our best to research their action and exact role in the formula. Then, explain to users how they can benefit from them.

#6. Product Price

This section informs clients about where the best place to buy the product is. As well as its price and method of order, payment, and delivery. We do our best to warn them about the potential scams, existing in the digital world.

#7. Conclusion

The ‘ Conclusion’ Section provides a summary that directly depends on all the product details. At least, on those that we were able to find during our research, without taking into account our personal opinion. It also shares some basic lifestyle tips that can improve your quality of life!

Search & Review Criterion

The reviews and articles are by a dynamic, energetic, and highly-motivated team that collects and analyzes information on diverse topics. They mainly concern detoxification, intimacy, beauty, well-being, health, weight loss, and exercise. But we can go beyond them and dive into new themes if that is what interests our readers. Our research is conducted according to a strict and serious protocol. We strive to get a well-established idea of the reliability of a product.

The basic rules we follow are:

  • We take into account only the opinions of real customers or users & set aside those that are not subject to verification or are an attempt at abuse.
  • We are not personally biased.
  • We do not take for granted the information, provided by the manufacturer or its partners.
  • We pay attention to the number of complaints & product returns.

How We Review User Comments

The purpose of each review is to help consumers make good and safe choices when buying a health and beauty product. We want to create a community of users. And to achieve this, our guidelines for comments are clear. We want honest and useful recommendations that provide clear information on each relevant topic.

We do not tolerate any form of hate speech, slander, plagiarism, self-promotion, or misrepresentation. In addition, we reserve the right to request an order number when submitting a comment. So that we can verify and confirm that the reviewer is a legitimate customer.

We do not accept messages that are too extreme. We understand the anger that can cause an unresolved issue, but we are not a place to settle accounts. That is why we publish only sincere opinions. If the recommendation does not correspond to the product, if it is unnecessary, or if it contains sensitive personal information, we reserve the right to change or delete it.

To ensure that they contribute to the community in a meaningful way, all opinions and comments we receive are reviewed individually. If they do not meet any of the criteria set out above, we reserve the right to change or delete them without notice. Although we do our best to prevent the publication of such comments, it is still possible that they end up on the site. If you encounter an inappropriate opinion in any form, do not hesitate to let us know.

To maintain the clarity of the discussion thread, we maintain a certain number of comments (about 50) for each article. We reserve the right not to accept opinions that do not add anything significant to the specific topic.

Attention! Most comment edits are related to spelling, grammar, formatting, offensive words, hate speech, and anything that violates our Terms of Use (insert Terms of Use link). Please, note that we never change the meaning of the comments, nor the rating they give to the product for which they are intended.

Final Words

All these steps are time-consuming and this is the reason why we cannot offer you articles about recently-released products.

We strive to provide high-quality, clear, and detailed articles and product reviews Please, note that all opinions, shared on our website, are for informational purposes only.

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