The Health Benefits of Natural Propolis

Natural propolis may not be a popular remedy in modern homeopathy, but there is evidence that it has been used as a powerful immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory agent since antiquity. Its positive properties were first described in 350 BC by the great philosopher Aristotle. Its other name is bee glue and we will now try to describe some of them.

Bees extract propolis from the resins of several different types of trees, mainly from pear, fir, spruce, and pine. They manage to get a hold of it from them by sucking it with tentacles and decomposing the active substances featured inside with their saliva.

Bee glue can be even more beneficial to the health than honey, as it is rich in over 75 different beneficial substances – vegetable resins, iron, manganese, zinc, honey, wax, trace elements, and essential oils.

Of these, the ones that are capable of inducing the most positive effects on the human body are the flavonoids which are widely applied in pharmacology, microbiology, and molecular biology. Propolis is also heavily involved in the active formulas of various medicinal products, especially those aimed at improving the work of the immune system.

Did You Know?

Bee glue strengthens capillary walls when taken as a face cream or skin evening solution. It is also the main ingredient of Zdorov Propolis Cream – a facial ointment that restores the youthful appearance and removes visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, blackheads, and under-eye bags. Scientists have been able to prove that it has a positive influence on the gradual reduction of the size of tumors by stopping the development of cancer cells.

Beeswax can also be an excellent disinfectant for open wounds, and its oral intake is recommended for outbreaks of the flu, colds, inflammations, and ulcers. We will now understand exactly how it works.

What Exactly is Propolis?

Bee glue is a symbiosis of wax, pollen, and resin, which are carefully collected by the hard-working bees. They are the main responsible ones for its positive effects on the human health. It not only acquires its shaping thanks to the process of digestion in bees but it also gets saturated with the beneficial enzymes in their stomachs.

There the propolis passes through the process of lactic acid fermentation. Its chemical structure is similar to that of tar, so its color range ranges from dark yellow to green or dark brown. The bees collect it as they use it as a binder, which adds strength to their hives.

It also helps them to disinfect their home, so that the honey is safe for consumption by both humans and the queen bee. It is believed that the healthiest propolis is obtained by collecting the plant and pollen of the trees of horse chestnut, poplar, elm, beech, fir, Pommer, and birch trees.

Its characteristic soft aroma is due to the mixture of honey, vegetable buds, and wax. This is why the Zdorov Pain Wax Cream against pains and burning sensations in the joint area has such a pleasant scent and quick soothing and antiseptic effects. People who apply it regularly will understand the full meaning of the expression ‘complete freedom of movement’.

How is Bee Glue Extracted?

Experienced beekeepers design the hives in such a manner so that they can easily prune the propolis from the side nets and frames on its walls. It is divided into whole pellets, which are then wrapped in cellophane bags and stored in a refrigerator. This makes its structure more delicate and one can obtain it easier.

The pure substance is always stored in a dry place where the average temperature does not exceed 25 C. Excessive heat levels can damage its texture and wholeness and cause its beneficial ingredients to become fewer and its effects – not as powerful.

How to Make a Bee Propolis Tincture?

This process is actually the gradual fermentation of pure propolis and its conversion into an alcoholic extract. The collected substance is pre-cleansed from toxins such as paint, wax or small chunks of wood.

A liquid solution which consists of 70% pure ethyl alcohol is derived and the bee propolis tincture is kept in a warm or dark room and shaken two or three times a day for a period of two weeks so that the substance can achieve a good texture. It is suitable for direct oral and skin applications.

What are the Main Health Benefits of Natural Bee Glue?

Bee Propolis has many beneficial effects on the human health. Some of them include the following:

  • Powerful Antiseptic and Antibacterial Action: It eliminates dangerous microorganisms and parasites in the development stages. Beeswax has a disinfecting and hygienic effect when administered directly into the oral cavity. Widely applied against symptoms of the flu and colds.

  • Harmonizes Blood Pressure Levels: Strengthens the walls of the blood vessels and helps to regulate the processes associated with them.

  • Strengthens the Bone System’s Structure: Improves the cell regeneration process and saturates the body with calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Scientists have recently discovered confirmed that it helps eliminate joint and bone diseases, such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

  • Makes Cancer Cells Shrink: Bee glue has the ability to kill them without affecting the healthy cells in a negative way.

  • Moisturizes, Nourishes, Rejuvenates & Smoothens the Human Skin: Propolis has the underlined ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, as well as perform an in-depth hydration. The new cells fill the empty intercellular space, making the skin more elastic and smooth to the touch. Induces a gentle glow and promotes rejuvenation. Bee glue is the main ingredient in many face creams and home remedies for removing wrinkles, shadows, and bags under the eyes. Makes the upper layer of the epidermis appear more youthful.

Beeswax Provides 100% Natural Health & Vitality!

Thousands of bees have carefully harvested honey and processed propolis so that we humans can benefit from its positive effects. Natural beeswax can not only erase a couple of years from our personal calendar but also makes sure that we never get sick. Feature it in your menu straight away!


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