5 Ways to Improve Intimacy & the Quality of Your Sex Life

5 Ways to Improve Intimacy & the Quality of Your Sex Life

Clinical studies prove the close connection between regular sex and closer intimacy between partners in a relationship. Feeling connected to the person next to you is usually achieved through conversation. Or by not being afraid to share your innermost secret fantasies with him or her. This is valid for the gentler gender, as well as for men.

Making yourself attractive to the one you are attracted to is not achieved solely by losing weight or building muscles. Sure, you may have glowing skin but this will not help you escape feeling depressed if you are not satisfied in bed. There are many ways to re-ignite the spark back in bed. One of them is being open about what gets you on. And being keenly interested in finding out the same about your partner.

Lots of people suffer from sexual and erectile dysfunction. Some of the underlying causes for this are often psychological. Others may involve over-exhaustion, stress, and plain simple boredom. Sex is not something that should be uninteresting. So make sure to try new things now and then. Another way to make sweet passionate love is by taking natural libido-boosting products. They have none of the side effects of the blue pill or medicine. One of the best ones in 2021 is the Love-X capsules.

How to be better in bed? Are our intimacy and sex the same? Should I try to be more active in bed? How to eliminate erectile and sexual dysfunction?

Learn the 5 ways to improve intimacy and the quality of your sex life below!

Intimacy – How Is It Connected to Good Sex?


When it comes to intimacy, we often equate it with sexuality. But sex can be a separate form of intimacy. We can be sexual without being intimate. And vice versa. Purely physical intimacy as friends with benefits or one-night stands does not necessarily evoke a feeling of intimacy, warmth, and trust. But it surely can benefit them! Of course, you can always spice up your relationship with the help of organic products, like the Eronex pills.

The true nature of intimacy is the complete knowledge of the personality of the other. This includes his feelings, thoughts, and soul-searching. This takes time because it doesn’t happen with just one conversation, a pleasant day, or maintaining a one-sided relationship. We all look for it because we need it. But we find it less and less. Why? True intimacy with the other, can sometimes be terrifying. The learning process needs mutual openness, vulnerability, and sharing.

Are we able to allow another to know us better than we know ourselves? Here are some tips from expert psychologists on how to achieve it easily!

  • Be physically intimate with the person – hug, kiss, & hold hands.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable to let the person next to you feel safe.
  • Emotional intimacy is founded on trust, comfort, & sensibility.
  • Psychological intimacy is based on the sharing of thoughts.
  • Spiritual intimacy means enriching one another & giving meaning & purpose to life.

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Quality Sex Life & Mutual Satisfaction Are Based on Intimacy

Quality Sex Life

Sex is one of the most intimate experiences that can happen between two people. It brings together, unites, reconciles, and gives warmth. But what you do after sex can be seriously important in building essential intimacy between you. Awkwardness after sex happens to a lot of couples, whether their relationship is recent or old and long-lasting. Many partners turn to the other side after sex and fall asleep instantly. True intimacy is lost, which makes the couple even more devoted to one another.

Another reason for the lack of quality intimacy is the refusal to talk openly about problems in bed. While men are more reluctant to attach themselves emotionally, women often shy away from sharing that they are sexually displeased. This can lead to many problems in the future. Female physiology is a little bit more complicated than male. And every person is different. Talk to your partner openly about what brings back your intimate mojo. The results can be amazing!

Here are some basic tips on how to get true mutual satisfaction in bed:

  • Tantric sex advises tells us to breathe deeper during intimacy to arouse and get aroused faster.
  • Switch off the TV & your cell phone to minimize distractions.
  • Avoid thinking about work & focus solely on your partner.
  • Eyes wide open from time to time – this excites the limbic part of the brain.
  • No pets allowed – this is just you & me time.

These are the 5 ways to improve intimacy and the quality of your sex life, according to experts:

#1. Complement One Another & Show That You Are Pleased with What’s Going On

It’s good to share when the sexual experience is good. Men need to be appreciated by their gentler halves. Indifferent acceptance of their efforts can severely hurt their feelings. Consequences can be severe and very toxic. Long-term lack of compliments can even lead to disinterest and cases of premature sexual or erectile dysfunction. Men, on the other hand, can improve their performance by taking safe and organic male performance enhancers, like the Hardex Gel.

#2. Stay Physically Connected & Attached Throughout the Day

Hug, show tenderness, and desire for intimacy before and after sex. It is only part of the relationship of two people, which does not end with one climax. Intimacy is built by seeking constant physical contact with the other’s body to feel his or her energy, vibration, and emotion. Try to walk hand in hand, give a kiss on the cheek, & be generally warm towards your partner. Another way to do this is by getting aroused several times during the day. One of the most popular mutual pleasure solutions in 2021 is the LongJack XXL pills.

#3. Find the Perfect Balance between Sound & Silence during Sex

Sound & Silence during Sex

Even if we are more conservative, we should not be too quiet during sex. This will help us build a more lasting relationship and arouse the other party. We need to say how we feel and what we don’t like and talk about the pleasure we feel. It doesn’t matter if express ourselves with words, moan, or demonstrate it with visible satisfaction during intercourse. This will ease our partners and help them let go. It will also decrease sexual dysfunction. You can also get better mutual pleasure with the sensual effects of the LongUp Gel.

#4. Spoon While Hugging

Scientists have proven that cuddling and hugging in the spooning style produces a hormone that increases intimacy. Also, the desire of both partners for romance. When you are close to each other in this way, the emotional closeness increases several times. In this way, the bodies fit together like vessels sculpted to fit each other. According to some urban legends, if you sleep in a spooning position, your love will last forever. Taking the El Toro capsules for increased male potency and endurance will also help!

#5. Always Sleep Together in the Same Bed

Sleep Together in the Same Bed

Sleeping alone after sex is perhaps the biggest enemy of intimacy. If you are a new couple, this would not be a problem. But if your relationship has been going this way for a long time, it would probably be an obstacle for a more serious step. Sleep is one of the most intimate acts of human beings and animals. The desire to share this intimate moment of weakness and vulnerability with a creature or being, important, to you, means a lot. And you will always have the chance to enjoy more fun in the bedroom together when you use AlfaGen Gel.

Being Intimate Helps You Achieve Better Sexual Satisfaction!

Intimate Sexual Satisfaction

There is nothing, like feeling loved and secure in the embrace of your partner. This will make you loosen up more easily and learn to share moments of greater pleasure in bed. Don’t let the passion slip away and sour out of your relationship. Be brave to pour your soul and intimate desired out. This can only work for your benefit. Also, re-assure your significant other that they are doing well in bed. It will create a feeling of comfort and help you try out new things together. Experiment and enjoy your bodies to the fullest. It will also re-connect your souls!

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