Ketonica Slim- Is it Effective – Results, Side Effects and Reviews?

Ketonica Slim Review Philippines and Saudi ArabiaKetonica Slim is an amazing solution to reduce your body weight with no hassle! Ideal for people who cannot stand the tough diets and have no time for physical exercise the solution is an amazing natural medicine that will also put your organism in a top healthy condition. In the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, price is amazing and people say that it’s worth every coin. In addition to this, according to the comments left by real customers, it’s 100% efficient and has does not cause the annoying yo-yo effect typical for most weight loss programs. Find out more in our Ketonica Slim original review below.


What is Ketonica Slim?

Ketonica Slim original is an excellent and brand-new weight-loss food supplement. It’s a result of long-lasting clinical trials and laboratory tests within dietology and health food regimes. If you wonder for what Ketonica Slim serves, the shortest answer should sound like this: it’s a natural medicine that puts your body in ketosis. Ketosis is a stage during which the body starts burning fats to produce energy. It’s the main goal of the popular keto diet. This diet, however, requires you to stop eating carbohydrates in order to put your body in ketosis within up to 14 days.

Although some dietology specialists claim that this is a great way to reduce your body weight, the doctors don’t agree. Limiting the carbs can make your organs stop working and you will always feel tired, annoyed, and even depressed. Instead, what is Ketonica Slim is to allow you to eat everything you want and still lose up to 20 kilos per month. No physical exercises are needed, but once you start feeling healthy and full of energy you will want to move, dance, go to the gym and live your life with self-confidence and wear the clothes you like and feel sexy in.

KetonicaSlim Advantages, effects, benefits

Advantages, effects, benefits

Ketonica Slim advantages are numerous. Above all, and according to the customer testimonials in the numerous Philippines and Saudi Arabia online forum websites, it’s the leading product for a risk-free diet. Specifically, the effects are long-lasting. Except for getting the body you have ever wanted, you will also improve your health. Ketonica Slim original boosts the metabolism and improves your immunity reaction against fatigue, emotional stress, viruses, and bacteria. Accordingly, it’s a total transformation therapy for everyone who suffers from being trapped in obesity and overweight.

Check out more Ketonica Slim benefits and effects below:

  • No need to limit the number of calories per day
  • Eat what you want and when you want
  • No need to work out and to change anything in your everyday lifestyle
  • Ketonica Slim FDA approved in the Philippines and provided with an official quality certificate
  • Recommended by some of the most experienced doctors in the Saudi Arabia
  • A real blockbuster among the show business stars and celebrities, models and actors
  • Easy weight loss program to practice in your own home with no preliminary consultation with doctors or a prescription

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Short Details about Ketonica

Ketonica Slim Price35 EUR
Where to Buy?▶️ Official Website
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

Ingredients and content


Ketonica Slim ingredients is what makes this food supplement so unique. This product has a fully organic content. Among the official list of the ingredients you will not see any dangerous chemical or synthetic elements. Ketonica Slim original content is composed of hypoallergenic and suitable of vegan bioactive elements. No GMO, antibiotics, caffeine, soy products or preservatives are found during the laboratory tests in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Check out now the superb active Ketonica Slim ingredients in a single capsule, which is your daily recommended dose:

  • L-Carnitine Tartrate 180 mg allows the body to quickly process the consumed fats and carbs. It brings more energy for the body and protects the cells from free radicals, which often cause overweight.
  • Citric acid 1664 mg speeds up the metabolism and provides a quick relief of the inflammation. It’s an amazing oxidant which also has an immunity system boosting and anti-age effect.
  • Sodium bicarbonate 1405 mg supports all organs inside your body and prevents from water detention. It helps you lose weight without losing muscle mass.
  • Sorbitol 360 mg minimizes the chances for a yo-yo effect and helps the body to quickly adjust to the ketosis transformation. This element supports the cardio-vascular system, balances the hormones, reduces the blood sugar levels and controls the appetite.


What is Ketonica Slim formula?

What is Ketonica Slim formula is something that we find in many online forum topics where people discuss the fast weight loss effect of the capsules. In general, these pills are made not just to help you lose weight, but to preserve your new body shape for a longer time. Most diets nowadays end up with a yo-yo effect or they don’t work at all. Ketonica Slim formula is designed to remove the risk of emotional appetite and to let your body “get used” to quickly burn fats and turn them into energy. Therefore, Ketonika is a real breakthrough in the modern weight loss industry. Accordingly, the food supplement is the only product that causes 0% risk for your health. On the contrary – it fully recovers your inside organ functions and make them work properly and quicker to get those calories around the whole day.

How to take Ketonica Slim? Instructions

How to take KetonicaSlim?

How to take Ketonica Slim is the first thing you need to understand before you start your body transformation mission. Thankfully, there are clear and easy to be understood instructions to follow. If you stick to them correctly you will know how to eat Ketonica Slim original and will soon get in those XXS jeans you store in your wardrobe. However, please, note that this is a 100% natural food supplement. Moreover, it is not a pharmacy product and you don’t need a prescription from doctors to order it.

Here are the Ketonica Slim instructions:

  • This product is made only for internal usage
  • The weight loss solution is made in the form of tablets that should be diluted in 200 ml of water
  • The prepared drink has a sweet and pleasant taste
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Recommended daily dose: 1 tablet per day
  • No limits and requirements when you should have the prepared drink – in the morning or in the evening, before or after a meal
  • There is no need to stop eating carbohydrates. This amazing formula puts your body in ketosis fat-burning condition up to 40 minutes after you take it

Side effects and contraindications

Ketonica Slim side effects are not known. During the Philippines clinical trials, none of the participants had any complaints about the taste or about some negative reaction. The product doesn’t cause any addiction or discomforts. It works gradually to permanently adjust your metabolism for faster fat burning.  In addition, there are no Ketonica Slim contraindications, either. Accordingly, everyone can get the benefits of this natural medicine not only to become slimmer but also to improve the functions of the inner body organs.

Ketonica Slim reviews and opinions in the Philippines

Ketonica Slim reviews and opinions

Ketonica Slim reviews are a lot on the web. In these testimonials, real customers even share theirs before and after pictures. In these images, we see dramatically changed bodies. Even people with obesity from the Philippines have managed to become slim and in shape. Additionally, in Saudi Arabia, Ketonica Slim reviews are written even by celebrities and models from popular fashion magazines.

If you spend like 30 minutes on Facebook you can find plenty of Ketonica reviews and feedback. Social media networks are a favorite place to look for comments since it is easy to verify the feedback from real users. Their profiles are regularly updated and active. There are even a couple of comments about people joining for a bigger order to get even further discounts and to compare results.

Doctors opinions and feedback on Ketonica

There are numerous testimonials and comments left by specialists – doctors share in their opinions that the tablets are extraordinary for two reasons. First of all, they don’t cause any negative effect on your health and second of all they guarantee nearly -16 kilos per month only. This is a result no diet or workout program can achieve.

Here are some reviews, testimonials and comments from the Philippines forum feedback posts:

Ketonica Slim works! Finally, a diet that is ok for me. I have digestive issues that make me sick when I limit my food regime. Carbohydrates are essential food products in my diet. So keto diet was not possible for me to bring my shape back. After pregnancy, I put on 30 kilos, and working out did not help at all. With these capsules, I got rid of 25 kilos in a month and a half and I feel awesome!”

“Amazing tablets. The best weight loss product in the Philippines. The price is cheap!”

Ketonica Slim original is not a scam. I was just like you thinking that this is the next advertisement that will only shake up my will to get the body I dream about. But after taking the tablets for two weeks I saw a big difference – minus 14 kilos with no diets or exercises!

Wonderful product. I did not just lose 17 kilos in a month, but I even got rid of the cellulite. By the way, there is no yo-yo effect to worry about…! “

Ketonica Slim price the Philippines and Saudi Arabia

Ketonica Slim price the Philippines and Saudi Arabia

Ketonica Slim price is great. In the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, the price is the same. Moreover, the best thing is that right now Ketonica Slim price is on sale. You can buy the tablets at 50% discount. However, we don’t know how long this promo campaign will be. Therefore, get Ketonica Slim benefits and the special price right away. In other words, don’t waste time and pay only 50% of the regular price and reduce your body weight with no hassles!

For your information the current Ketonica price in the Philippines is 1990 ₱.

KetonicaSlim price in Mercury drug and pharmacy

Ketonica Slim price Mercury drug is something we haven’t checked. There are scam products there as per the user feedback. As a result, the official distributor in the Philippines has written a warning message depending on the safe places from where to buy the tablets. In this message, it is said that Ketonica Slim pharmacy purchases might be risky for you. Unfortunately, you cannot find the original product in any pharmacy department whether in the Philippines or in Saudi Arabia.

Where to buy Ketonica Slim – Amazon, Shopee, Lazada or Watson

Where to buy Ketonica Slim then? Indeed, if the pharmacy is not a safe place, is Shoppee ok to check? Not at all! Actually, you should not look for the tablets in any of these places, pharmacies, Amazon, Shopee,  Lazada or Watson. To sum up, here is the only place from where you can get the Ketonica Slim original – the official website. In addition, only on the official website, you can take advantage of the current promo price with 50% discount. Here’s how to make a safe Ketonica Slim online order:

  • Visit the official website
  • Have a look at the product information once again
  • Read more Ketonica Slim reviews if you need to learn what customers share about the tablets
  • Fill in the registration form – names and telephone number
  • Wait for a phone call to get a free consultation and confirm your order
  • Delivery time – up to 5 days

Where to buy Ketonica Slim FINAL THOUGHTS

 Ketonica Slim is a weight loss product with fast effect and no contraindications. The tablets have sweet taste and 100% organic hypoallergenic content. Right now they have a special price with 50% discount in the official website.


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