7 Tips on How to Have Better Sex – Mission Possible in 2024

7 Tips on How to Have Better Sex

Everybody wants to have better sex. You will hardly come across anyone who doesn’t want to improve their love-making skills. People in long-term relationships are often worried that they are not performing their best in bed. Anxiety-induced low libido often leads to problems, such as erectile or full-on sexual dysfunction, depression, and premature ejaculation. But it’s time to sit back and relax!

One of the more popular debates in pop culture in 2024 is planned versus spontaneous sex. Which one is better? Well, like with any other form of intimacy, both have their pros and cons. Many also think that they will be more attractive if they have leaner and stronger muscles. But there are many ways to improve intimacy between partners. There is no reason to have episodes of high blood pressure over it. Treat your significant other to some healthy sweet temptations, getting them aroused easily. Don’t forget to focus on foreplay!

Many falsely think that it isn’t important to men. But this is simply not true. Good foreplay works for the proper excitement levels of both partners. It can get you into the groove and make you feel even more pleasure during the act itself. You can enhance it, using a variety of organic virility solutions. A good choice in 2024 is the MaxUp Caps – they have an all-natural composition and an excellent price.

How to have better and more exciting sex in 2024? Which one is better – planned or spontaneous intimacy? How important is foreplay? Which are the best potency and endurance enhancement products?

Learn the 7 best tips for having better sex in 2024 below!

Planned versus Spontaneous Sex – Which One Is More Exciting

Spontaneous Sex

Spontaneous sex can be a fantastic experience for both partners. You can describe it, as an easily obtained orgasm after a burst of passion. According to a study at a German university, however, this is a complete myth. It is often idealized, as the result of a distorted perception of the media.

It turns out that planned sex is far more satisfying than incidental bedroom meetings. No one says how it should be planned, as long as the two parties agree on it, says a scholarly article, published in ‘The Journal of Sex Research’. And it usually occurs in long-term relationships, making the people in them feel good about life.

If you are one of those who think that the pleasure of having sex with a partner will fade over time, you should quickly change your viewpoint. On the contrary, couples that respect the mutual sexual desire and satisfaction stay longer together. Or do you think that planning an intimate schedule takes away from its spicy value? Taking into account your desires shows that you are looking for effective treatments and shared satisfaction. It means that you are valuing quality over quantity.

Sexology experts advise us to do the following to make your planned intimate sessions better:

  • Use Language, As a Tool of Communicating Your Desires, Before Going to Bed;
  • Pay Attention to the Details of the Setting – Music, Clothing, Food, & Beverages;
  • Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment If Your Partner Agrees;
  • Let Foreplay Ignite the Spark of Passion;
  • Have Lots of Physical Contact before the Session – Touches, Hugs, & Caresses;

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The Importance of Foreplay for Having Better Sex

Having Better Sex

Experts, like the American sexologist David Schnarch, say that foreplay is much more arousing, intimate, and connecting than the actual sexual act. During the love game, we truly reveal ourselves to our partner. This gives us the ability to merge, both physically and spiritually. Many products that can help you feel better connected to your partner. You can try applying the organic LongUp Gel to get both yourself and your partner fully excited before and during intimacy.

Foreplay is very valuable in long-term relationships. It distracts us from everyday stress and sends us into the world of true passion. Foreplay is a must if you want to enjoy intense sex. When you focus on it, the pleasure increases slowly and is much greater than a few tender kisses and just going back to the basics. This is also a good way to make your partner feel secure and eliminate premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction.

Here is how to enjoy truly exciting foreplay:

  1. Know Your Partner’s Erogenous Zones & Pay Attention to Them.
  2. Don’t Play It by the Book – Use Your Intuition.
  3. Make Sure That You Are in a Safe & Relaxed Environment.

Below we have compiled 7 tips on how to have better sex in your daily life and long-term relationship:

#1. Massage Each Other – Touching Matters


One of the popular starting points for a hot and passionate night is the mutual massage. A variety of tips for erotic massage and Tantric massage are gaining popularity. It has established itself, as a safe erotic technique to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. Sometimes, the usual classic massage also ensures the same effect. The partners undress, touch each other gently, the skin itches, and sensuality is unlocked. Massaging slowly goes to the erogenous zones, after which you will certainly be ready for the big O. You can make the results even better by taking the LongJack XXL pills.

#2. Try Out a New Location

Try playing the love game in a new place. For example – on the way home, in the car, when the garage door is closed. Or once you enter the house, in the hallway, just behind the front door. Whether you stay in the same place after the foreplay or use it, as a warm-up, and then move to the bedroom or elsewhere – the choice is entirely yours. A great way to avoid any premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction are by prolonging pleasure with the organic Dozex pills.

#3. Fell, Touch, & Be Sensual

Fell, Touch, & Be Sensual

When you trust and devote yourself completely to your senses, you can feel every small detail of love-making. Every emotion and touch becomes stronger and more intense. This is also valid for sound, aroma, and touch. So, turn off the lights and let your senses guide you. This will stimulate you a lot. One more thing that will spice things up before sex is the regular use of the Erogenix pills.

#4. Turn Up the Music

Turn on loud music, so you can feel the bass. This will help you concentrate on the rhythm of the music and your partner’s body and vibration. Both of you will exist in a time-space loophole, designed solely for you. Give more erotic undertones to the experience, using the AlfaGen Gel to warm things up!

#5. Display Your Affection

Sex can be initiated with a few meaningful gestures. For all those who have dirty thoughts from time to time, this is a perfect start in delivery. But also – in receiving love pleasure. When you know exactly what would excite your partner and satisfy him, you can surprise him or her with a few direct seductive statements. Or enter the dream role. This gesture will undoubtedly have a stunning effect. You can also make sure that the sexy time is not wasted by boosting endurance and virility with the Vigorense pills.

#6. Play with the Erogenous Zones

Erogenous Zones

It is important for any foreplay to know your partner’s erogenous zones. Fool around the neck, ears, and abdomen. However, do not start directly from them at the beginning of the prelude. Prolong the act of love-making. Many women also love it when their partner kisses them gently on the neck and ears because they are especially sensitive to touch. It makes the whole body goosebumps with arousal. It can then proceed to the breasts, including the nipples, abdomen, and inner thighs. Make arousal even stronger with the MaxUp Caps.

#7. Take the Clothes Off Slowly!

Instead of tearing each other’s clothes quickly (which is sometimes quite exciting), you can challengingly take off each piece of clothing. Of course, your partner should do the same for you. You can even ‘miss’ a detail and leave, for example, high heels or sexy garters and socks on … Many get excited by having only one piece of garment on. Make sure that erectile dysfunction and prostate problems do not get in the way of passion. Take UltraProst pills to prevent this.

Love Yourself, Your Partner, & Your Body

Taking clothes off

Having good reproductive health means taking care of your psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. Try to remind your partner to take care of his, as well. Virility and arousal go hand in hand with the security that one feels in a relationship. Make sure that you talk extensively and know each other mentally. This will also help you find out about your significant other’s intimate fantasies. And you will be more prone to share yours, as well. The key is loving yourself. It will teach you how to love others truly!

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