Natural Sugars – The Healthy Sweet Temptations

The craving for something sweet often becomes an obsession. There is close to no one who can resist the temptation of a block of milk chocolate, a wafer or a piece of cake every now and again. The problem of this habit lies in the fact that refined sugars can be extremely harmful both for maintaining good health, as well as for keeping a thin and slender figure.

Is there a way to satisfy our nutritional desires without this having a negative effect on our bodies?

Most people seem to share a common passion for sweet goods which can sometimes even turn into an addiction. Everybody is entitled to having his or her individual culinary preferences but an excessive sugar intake can be particularly detrimental to the health and appearance of our bodies.

But the human organism does require a small amount of it in order to function normally. The most useful sugars are contained in the fruits. They also provide an additional set of useful minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and some even feature proteins and healthy fats.

Did You Know?

One of the fruits that have the most beneficial effects on our bodies is the coconut. It has the ability to not only nourish but also to tone and refresh. It is often used in dietetics and nutritional sciences for the purpose of getting rid of excess fats quicker. It is also widely applied in the production of face creams and sunscreen lotions because its essential oil stimulates the metabolism to work faster and enhances the cell regeneration process.

Vegetables and different plant varieties can also be a good source of natural sugars. They, like fruits, consist of 80% -90% of water and fluids that help to quickly detoxify the body from parasites and harmful substances.

In addition to satisfying our hunger and craving for goods that are rich in sugars, they help us purify and refresh our bodies. Let’s learn more about the function of natural sugar. Keep in mind that if you suffer from diabetes you can rely on Gluco Pro and Diabextan!

Why Does Our Body Need Sugar?

The main function of sugars is to supply our body with quick energy. This can be observed even after consuming an ordinary piece of candy. While the results itself will only last for a short period of time, we will feel toned and in a good mood.

The energy flow is directly related to the fact that our body begins to release dopamine – the hormone of happiness. This is what causes so many people to develop a kind of addiction to food products that are rich in lactose and fructose.

What are the Negative Effects of Excessive Sugar Consumption?

When we overdo it on sweets part, our bodies lose more time and energy in an attempt to absorb them than it is able to give them back. Temporary refreshment and the improved mood are quickly replaced by irritability and the gradual accumulation of excess calories.

Everyone should try and limit the intake of processed sugar as much as they can. It is found in most products offered in the supermarket chains and neighborhood stores.

Which are the Healthy Natural Sugars?

Useful sugars are fructose and glucose, which are most commonly found in fruits and vegetables. People who fancy sugary goods will easily satisfy their cravings and help their body to work more harmoniously.

There is a world categorization of fruits and plants according to their degree of beneficial influence on the body. Not surprisingly, it is best to consume those with a low-to-moderate sugar percentage. Let us find out which exactly are they:

  • Low Fructose Contents: Rhubarb (Pie plant), avocado, lime, lemon, and berries.
  • Low-to-Moderate Fructose Contents: Watermelons, melons, coconuts, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, apples, guava, apricots, and grapefruits.
  • Moderate-to-High Fructose Contents: Plums, kiwis, oranges, pears, and pineapples.
  • High (Possibly Dangerous) Fructose Contents: Cherries, tangerines, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, figs, and bananas.

Interesting Fact:

The coconut, which falls into the category of fruits with a healthy quantity of glucose and fructose, is the main ingredient of CocoSlimmer coconut slimming coffee which has already helped thousands of women worldwide trim their waistline. Achieve top shape in a delicious and nutritious manner!

How to Best Absorb Healthy Natural Sugars?

Proper absorption of the beneficial substances contained in fruits, that are rich in glucose and fructose, nourishes the body and gives us energy. There are some simple rules that every person can follow with minimal efforts.

Tradition requires that we finish each meal with a dessert. The logic speaks of it being a useful fruit. The way our bodies work, however, implies that the consumption has to be carried out early in the morning.

Sucrose-rich products require a certain time period of one and a half to two hours that our body needs to be able to fully absorb them. It is not good to overload our stomach after the main course of meals with the subsequent processing of the dessert.

It is better to eat them early in the morning when we need a quick flow of energy to begin our day in a good mood. It is not good to peel off the bark of the fruits, we can simply just wash it. This is how our body gets the beneficial fibers, minerals, and vitamins contained in it.

The Moderate Consumption of Natural Sugars Improves the Mood!

If you want to live healthily and keep a vital appearance, swap the chocolate and ice cream present in your daily menu for fruits. Try and keep yourself thoroughly informed about which combinations between them have beneficial effects on the body and which ones don’t. This will give you the proper amount of daily sweetness without spoiling your figure! If you have high blood sugar level you can control them with natural remedies such as Insulux and SugaNorm.

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