Viaxi Review – All-Natural Bust Enhancement Cream with a Lifting Effect

Viaxi Breast Cream Côte d'IvoireViaxi is an all-natural bust augmentation cream that works to tighten and even out the skin around the décolletage. Its manufacturer makes it available at a very reasonable price in every country in the world, including Côte d’Ivoire. The breast enhancement solution is considered to be one of the best organic ways to lift your bosoms. It is an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery. You can order it easily via the official website. Viaxi opinions and comments on forums speak very fondly about the results it brings. There are no complaints about side effects in the testimonials.


Dr. Rakhi Jha is a women’s health expert and mammologist with 15 years of experience. She has consulted thousands of women in Côte d’Ivoire. The professional is one of the most trusted people in her field. She recommends the bust enhancement product. The doctor does so because Viaxi is a natural solution for those who wish to make their breasts appear fuller. It can also be found under the name of Viaxi Salon Spa Cream in some African markets. The composition and ingredients, however, remain the same. The formula includes these herbal extracts – Sarja, Kanyasara, Shatavari, Guggulum, Sandalwood oil, and Acacia gum. All of them are natural wonders for fuller and visually bigger bosoms. The Certificate of Quality states 93.5% effectiveness, proven in independent clinical testing.

Where to buy Viaxi at the best price in Côte d’Ivoire? Are there many bust enhancement solution scams on Jumia and Amazon? How does Viaxi work? How to use the cream for larger breasts, according to its instructions for use?

Learn more in this Viaxi review!

Sandalwood – What Makes It So Beneficial for Female Beauty & Health


Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is an evergreen parasitic tree that takes root in other tree species. It reaches a height of 9 m. and has a brownish-gray stem, very thin and smooth branches, tough leaves, and small pink-purple flowers. It takes 30 to 60 years for sandalwood to reach maturity. Sandalwood is widespread in Sri Lanka, Hawaii, southern India, and much of the South Pacific Islands. The use of sandalwood dates back at least 4,000 years. The main application of the tree is for the extraction of essential oil. The said is extracted by steam distillation of pieces of the mature wood. The larger it is, the higher the oil content and the richer the aroma. Sandalwood is vital for the manufacturing of cosmetics and medicine. You can also find it in incense sticks, deodorants, perfumes, soaps, shower gels, and skin care creams.

These are some of the main benefits of sandalwood for female beauty and health:

  • The Essential Oil Rejuvenates & Strengthens the Hair, Nails, & Skin;
  • It Improves Memory, Concentration, & Works to Relieve Stress, Treating Depression;
  • The Extract Is a Potent Antiseptic & Analgesic Agent;
  • Sandalwood Eases Breathing & Eliminates Respiratory Problems;
  • Some Experts Say That It Has a Libido-Boosting Effect;

Viaxi – What Is It & How Does It Work

Viaxi – What Is It

Viaxi is an all-natural bust enhancement cream that works 24/7 to induce a lifting effect on the bosoms. Its manufacturer chooses to distribute it at the same price in every African country, including Côte d’Ivoire. You can order it now via the official website. Don’t be surprised if you also come across the product, being marketed under the name of Viaxi Salon Spa Cream. Thousands of professional dermatologists and mammologists, like Dr. Rakhi Jha, recommend it. They think that Viaxi is one of the best organic ways to make your breasts appear fuller and more lustrous without the use of cosmetic surgery.

The bust enhancement product has a Certificate of Quality, citing 93.5% effectiveness. These results are verified in independent clinical testing in several laboratories. Viaxi works 24/7 to induce a keen lifting effect on the décolletage area. It is also healthy for the breasts’ skin, evening it out and making it beautiful and tighter. Viaxi is the go-to female beauty solution for more than 1,000,000 women in Côte d’Ivoire.

Short Details about ViaxiCream

Price25000 XOF
Where to Buy?▶️ Official Website Only
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None

Benefits & Advantages of the Bust Enhancement Cream

Dr. Rakhi Jha is one of the female beauty experts that keenly thinks that Viaxi has countless benefits and advantages. The natural bust enlargement cream firms the breasts’ skin and firms it gently. This creates a lifting effect that makes the décolletage appear fuller and bigger. The shape of the bosoms becomes rounder and the dermis has a velvety appeal.

The main benefits and advantages of the Viaxi bust enhancement cream are:

  • All-Natural Composition That Works 24/7 to Make the Bust Skin Evener & Firmer, Inducing a Velvety Shine;
  • Viaxi Salon Spa Cream Is Much Safer Than Surgical Breast Augmentation;
  • The Cream Makes the Bosoms Rounder & Has a Lifting Effect, Helping You Stay Healthy & Beautiful;
  • There Are No Complaints about Negative Side Effects or Contraindications;
  • If You Wonder Where to Buy Viaxi at the Best Price in Côte d’Ivoire – Visit the Manufacturer’s Official Website;

Nota Bene! Effects can vary individually!

Viaxi Opinions & Comments on Forums – It Is Not Dangerous

Viaxi Opinions & Comments

Thousands of women go online to share their Viaxi opinions and comments on forums. The testimonials confirm that the bust enhancement solution works to help one prevent having saggy breasts. According to expert feedback, Viaxi is not dangerous but an excellent way to firm bust skin and lift the shape of the bosoms.

Another thing that is featured in hundreds of Viaxi opinions and comments on forums is after-effect photos. They show that the bust enlargement solution starts giving visual results about 10 days after the application begins. You can safely use it daily. Not even a single one of the Viaxi testimonials mentions the appearance of side effects or allergies.


How to Use Viaxi Salon Spa Cream – Instructions, Dosage, & Leaflet

There is one important thing to know – read the instructions and leaflet to learn how to use Viaxi. The cream has a very light texture and easily penetrates the upper epidermal layers around the décolletage. The user manual also says that the product is good not only for making your bosoms look fuller, rounder, and bigger. It improves the health and appearance of the dermis when applied at the recommended Viaxi dosage.

This is how to use Viaxi in 3 simple steps:

  1. Squeeze a small portion of the cream on your fingertips & apply it along the contours of each breast, massaging it into the skin for several minutes.
  2. Do this on pre-clean & dry skin every morning & evening.
  3. Repeat the process daily for a full calendar month to look & feel more feminine & lustrous.

Viaxi Side Effects & Contraindications

There have been no issued complaints about Viaxi side effects, allergies, or contraindications. Women who use it seem to be completely content with the achieved results. It takes 1 month to complete a full course with the breast enlargement solution. Its organic formula will make you feel sexy, like in your 20s.

Composition & Ingredients – Sandalwood & Other Herbs

Composition & Ingredients

Viaxi’s organic composition is crafted along with the most potent herbs for more female health and beauty. Most of the ingredients are used for centuries in traditional medicine recipes. The organic formula makes Viaxi Salon Spa Cream way safer than getting cosmetic surgery. You and the men around you won’t be disappointed by its positive effects!

These are the results you get with Viaxi’s composition:

  • Larger, Fuller, & Rounder Breasts;
  • The Decolletage Skin Becomes Evener, Smoother, & Tighter;
  • Your Feminine Beauty Will Shine through Naturally;

The main ingredients in the formula are:

  • Sarja;
  • Kanyasara;
  • Shatavari;
  • Guggulum;
  • Sandalwood Oil;
  • Acacia Gum;

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Viaxi Price in Côte d’Ivoire – Where to Buy?

Viaxi Price in Côte d'Ivoire

The manufacturer believes that customers should not waste time wondering where to buy Viaxi at an affordable price in Côte d’Ivoire. The place is one – the official website. The price of Viaxi there is equivalent in every African country. The company distributes the bust enhancement cream only through the licensed web page. It does not use retailers.

By ordering it via the official website, you can get an additional 50% discount on Viaxi’s price. Just fill in your details in the form on the web page and confirm your delivery address via a call with an operator. Your package will arrive in 7 days and is paid for via the COD method!

Viaxi is ordered in the standard way for a digital product. Customers fill in their data in a form on the website and confirm it via a telephone call. The product arrives in a week and is paid COD!

Can I Buy Viaxi in the Pharmacy – Jumia or Amazon

Don’t waste time looking for Viaxi in the pharmacy. You will not find the enhanced female beauty cream. The manufacturer does not use the services of 3rd parties to distribute the bust enhancement solution. It is ordered at an affordable price through the official site. Be careful not to buy Viaxi scams or counterfeit products from Jumia or Amazon. These portals do not offer the original product!

Have a Fuller Bust with Exercise

You may not have known this but there are specific bust enhancement exercises that every woman can do. Check them out on the Internet. You can also combine them with different foods for greater female beauty.

Bottom Line: One of the best products for active bust size enhancement in Côte d’Ivoire is the Viaxi cream. It is very well-received in client opinions and comments on female beauty forums. Women prefer it over cosmetic surgery, as it does not induce side effects or contraindications. Professional mammologists also recommend it, as a reliable way to have fuller and rounder breasts.


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