Pueraria Mirifica & Puerarin – the Natural Thai Wonder!

Pueraria Mirifica and Puerarin are root-based plants which are naturally grown in South-Eastern Asia. They fall among the species that have the highest concentrations of phytoestrogens. Among their properties falls the ability to stimulate the production of estrogen in the female body, giving it lustrous shapes and improving the skin’s elasticity.

The natural aesthetics and beauty of the female body have inspired many works of art. No woman, however, is completely satisfied with the way she looks. Ladies worry the most about two particular body regions – the booty and the bust.

Their development is entirely determined by Mother Nature. Which does not mean that we cannot enhance estrogen production – the main responsible factor for shaping an appetizing silhouette. The regular appliance of the active extract from the plants Pueraria Mirifica and Puerarin can help us fulfill our goals, also improving skin elasticity in these areas.

Did You Know?

Pueraria Mirifica and puerarin have the highest concentration of phytoestrogens among all other plant life forms. Their natural habitat is the countries Thailand, Japan, and China. The local communities there have been using them as prettifying solutions for more than 2,000 years. They were first brought to Europe during the Great Migration of peoples.

Pueraria Mirifica Characteristics & Properties

The root of Pueraria Mirifica is richest in phytoestrogens, mainly from the white variety of the herb. There is also a red and a black one but they do not have such high concentrations. It is also referred to as Kwao Krua. The Latin name is taken from the words ‘puer’ (‘child’) and ‘mirificus’ (‘miracle’, ‘incredible’).

They were not chosen by chance. Ancient Thai manuscripts were discovered during archaeological excavations. They described the rejuvenating action of the root and also suggest some possible recipes for its proper use and appliance.

The herb is extremely rich in basic phytoestrogens whose structure resembles that of typical isoflavones. Apart from them, it also features the so-called hromeones. They have the ability to ease and enhance the natural synthesis of estrogens in the female body which is gradually reduced with the reaching of a certain age.

Wow Bust breast shaping cream includes a highly-concentrated active extract from the Pueraria Mirifica plant. It can also better the general health of the skin, evening out stretch marks and wound scars, refreshing, and inducing greater elasticity.

Puerarin – a Powerful Skin Firming Isoflavone

One of the most popular isoflavones is the Puerarin. It can be extracted from several different plants, most commonly from the Radix puerariae – better known as the kudzu flower. The name suggests that its natural habitat is in Japan.

Its florets look like small purple arrows. It is heavily applied in the traditional medicine of the Land of the Rising Sun as an effective way to remove the symptoms of menopause, bacterial infections, high fever, common colds, and the after-effects of having a hangover.

Puerarin also has a positive and favorable effect on the human skin. It can be easily absorbed in regions where the epidermal layer is the thickest. This is one of the main reasons why it was included in the BodyFit shaping solution list of active ingredients.

Expected Effects from the Regular Appliance of the Herbal Extracts

The regular use of the Pueraria Mirifica and Puerarin extracts can enhance details of our appearance in a completely natural way which does not include costly and often painful surgical procedures. They can also induce several extremely beneficial for the female organism effects.

Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Appetizing Bust and Booty Shaping;
  • Firming of the Skin in the Said Regions;
  • Makes the Upper Layer of the Epidermis More Elastic;
  • Refreshing & Moisturizing of the Epidermal Cells;
  • Counters the Negative Effects of the Free Radicals;
  • Evens Out Stretch Marks & Wound Scars;
  • Speeds Up Blood Circulation;
  • Improved Estrogen Synthesis in the Female Body;
  • Betters the Quality of Sleep;
  • Acts as a Powerful Aphrodisiac;
  • Firms the Skin’s Texture;
  • Regulates the Good (HDL) & Bad (LDL) Cholesterol Levels;
  • Speeds Up the Metabolism Levels;
  • Strengthens the Cell Walls;

Recommended Food Products During Application

The results from the regular appliance of both the herbal extracts begin to accelerate when they are combined with the consumption of particular food products. Taking other herbal remedies which affect the female hormones is not recommended because it may induce a negative effect.

Ladies are encouraged to eat any good which is rich in Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Such are seafood, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, salmon, herring, mackerel, trout, and most other fish. They can also consume as many seed and nut varieties as long as they are careful with the intake of linseed.

Women can also eat any type of product that is rich in magnesium and zinc.

Naturally Grown with Love & Nurture to Enhance Femininity!

Mother Nature has taken the time to create the right circumstances for the growing of different herbs that help for a number of conditions. We can always successfully apply them, as long as we learn to identify them.

Pueraria Mirifica and puerarin are a gift from Nature which has the ability to allow every lady to shape her silhouette just the way she likes. She will improve and enhance not only her appearance and health but also develop a sense of inner peace, harmony, and self-confidence.

Re-discover your feminine side!

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