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People are vain beings. It is no coincidence that Al Pacino’s antihero in the movie ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ shares with Keanu Reeves’ personage that vanity is his favorite sin. Many ask themselves whether there is a way to maintain a perfect figure and good health throughout the year, not just during the warmer months when everybody wants to get in shape for the summer. We have selected the best practices for refreshing the appearance and complete body cleansing from toxins and harmful microorganisms that you can do in autumn. Read if you want to find out exactly how you can achieve it.

Shifts between seasons are stressful times for our body and organism. If we are not ready for the transition, it can have a negative, if not a detrimental, effect on our figure and visual outlook, as well as on our health.

Autumn falls into the category of the so-called ‘intermediate’ seasons. Our bodies begin to prepare for the coming winter and the cold, trying to accumulate as much fatty tissue as possible in order to give us energy in a period, in which the Vitamin D deficiency and little amount of sunlight can not.

That’s why most people think it’s normal to accumulate a couple of pounds. The real-life practice, however, shows that once the Christmas and New Years festivities have passed, everybody wants to slim down.

It is no coincidence that the Grain Nutritional Plan of the Master Petar Danov is intended to be carried out in February. But people do not have to undergo such exhausting dietary regimens if they want to be in a top shape throughout the year.

Just take a cup of CocoSlimmer coconut coffee for quick slimming and excess fat will start to melt before you. Delicious, nutritious and tasty – getting in shape has never been so easy!

Curious Fact:

Cold is just as dangerous to the health of the skin as the heat. Even though in the autumn we still enjoy relatively warm and sunny days, temperatures are beginning to drop sharply, humidity and rain are increasing. It is not advisable to go home without a hat, scarf, and gloves, and applying a face and hand cream is almost imperative. Take the innovative Energy Beauty Bar for smooth and radiant skin and forget about ongoing skin problems!

Let’s find out which the ideal practices for maintaining perfect health and beauty during the autumn are.

How to Take Proper Care of Our Skin During Autumn?

The joyful ray of the summer sun is long gone, and fading warmness and the drastically decreased sunlight that our bodies and most of our people have access to take their negative toll on our skin. With the passing of the balmy months and the outgrowing of the chocolate tan, acquired during the summer, darkly-pigmented spots begin to appear – different in size with pink or varying from the normal skin color tone.

The skin itself begins to become oily and plumps emerge more easily, as wind, moisture, and the cold weather have a profound negative effect on it. Below are some basic tips on how to make the skin of your face and body rejuvenated and displaying a warm autumn glow.

  1. Choose a Face Cream with a Stronger Formula
  2. Switch to Shower Cosmetics with Moisturizing and Softening Ingredients
  3. Wear Clothes and Accessories that Protect Your Body and Face
  4. Regularly Perform Moisturizing and Exfoliating Procedures
  5. Eat Healthy and Avoid Fat-Rich Products
  6. Rediscover the Joy of Physical Activity
  7. Buy Skin Care Products with a Denser Texture

Did You Know?

The facial skin requires more care during the cooler part of the year than in the warmer. It is best to rely on a face cream that provides better protection against harmful external influences in colder months. The most suitable ointments are those with a high Aloe Vera, grape, mango, melon, lime or peach extract concentration. If you do not have enough funds to spend on specialized cosmetics, then choose Energy Beauty Bar – the perfect skin rejuvenating tool with a 100% proven action which provides gentle care for your upper epidermal layers!

Impeccable Beauty Is Achieved in the Natural Way

Warm & Delicious But Healthy Food!

A greater part of facial skin problems come from people being on a wrong and unhealthy diet plan. Fast food is easy-to-find, even tasty at times, but its impact on human physique is simply devastating.

Its regular consumption often leads to the accumulation not only of excess fatty tissue but also the overproduction of fat cells that are deposited in the upper layers of the skin. This is why the different types of eczema, rosacea, and acne outbursts, and clogged pores begin to emerge.

Autumn offers a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as several types of meat that are suitable for free consumption. There is also a vast array of different flavors to enjoy, such as that of green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, grapes, and the many dishes that can be made with potatoes, onions, roasted ‘lean’ meats, cauliflower, broccoli, rice, garlic, and wholegrain products.

Choose the warm but nutritious dishes. Your body will be greatly thankful for this! You can also start the day with a glass of warm water, mixed along with a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon on the side, for better digestion before the traditional hot morning cup of coffee.

Don’t Put an End to Physical Activity!

Having colder weather present in our daily lives does not mean that we have to stop being physically active. Reality is quite the contrary, our bodies require more warmth to function normally now! Enhance them with an intensive yoga, fitness, contemporary dances or sports of your choosing training in the comfort of your home or at a specialized studio.

Stay active and healthy!

Turn Autumn Into a Season of Comfort & Well-Being!

Cold weather is traditionally associated with the appearance of a sense of melancholy and depression. Psychological studies, however, show that the shift towards warmer colors, that clothe the cities, parks, and mountains in our surroundings, mentally predisposes us to feel happy and content!

Rely on the latter feeling and enjoy the coziness and comfort which the season inclines us to. Pay more attention to your loved ones, as now is the time that is best for intimate contact and being close to each other!

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