Hemax pills for hearing problems – effects and price

Hemax ProCare Capsules Review PhilippinesHemax is an innovative solution for multiple hearing problems in the Philippines. The pills are designed to improve hearing, to eliminate the risk of deafness, as well as to treat noise in the ears. With an amazing and fast effect this natural medicine causes no harms to your health and supports numerous ENT conditions. Moreover, it comes at a budget-friendly price and with fast delivery. For more details don’t hesitate to read our top-to-bottom helpful Hemax review.


What is Hemax supplement? Results and effect

What is Hemax supplement

Hemax is a food supplement rather than another pharmacy tablets or capsules with steroids, antibiotics or chemical composition with numerous negative impacts on your internal organs. The guaranteed hearing improvement results are achieved gradually, while the symptoms such as annoying noise in the ears disappears at once. Hemax effect is global when it comes to the ear structure. The pills recover the connective tissue and improve the hearing processes on a cellular level. In addition to these, Hemax effect is preventive, too. Besides treating different forms of tinnitus, it removes the risk of numerous complications. It is important to know that untreated tinnitus can cause total deafness and serious infections. On the other side, no one should underestimate the problem of noise in the ears. It can lead to reduced quality of life, insomnia, depression, fatigue, migraine and many more.

Do not let these health risks to reach you and recover from hearing problems regardless of their cause:

  • Cellular ear damage. In case the internal micro hairs get twisted they eventually start leaking electrical impulses into the brain and reduce your cognitive capabilities.
  • Ageing can cause reduction of the hearing which is in many cases accompanied with a headache and body weakness.
  • Prolonged exposure to loudness and severe noises. Eventually the sensing cells get overburdened and start damaging.
  • Auditory neuritis and fibrosis which after tinnitus can reduce the brain activity, too.

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Short Details about Hemax

Hemax Price1990 PHP
Where to Buy?▢️ Buy Here
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

Hemax composition and ingredients


Hemax ProCare content is fully natural. It’s a combination of the ancient knowledge in holistic treatment of hearing problems and the latest technologies in the production of high-quality and first-class food supplement products. Thanks to the organic Hemax ingredients none of the patients is at risk to end up with an upset stomach, intoxicated liver or blood clogs. On the contrary, this is a 100% vegan product that contains no synthetic elements, GMO, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Instead of these hazardous agents, the ingredients Hemax content are the following:

  • Indian mallow extract is rich in flavonoids (mainly gossypin) and antioxidants that have a global repairing impact over the ear structure. The element has a strong anti-inflammatory function and reduces the risk of infections. It treats tinnitus and has a fantastic preventive role against ageing loss of hearing.
  • Drynaria fortune extract is added to stop the inner ear infection and blocks the cell ageing which is the main reason for mature people to lose their hearing. In addition to these, the extract is rich in specific antioxidants that prevents from premature ageing of the cells and also relieve symptoms such as pain in the ear, constant noise in the ears and regular tinnitus during flu or cough infection.
  • Elegant costus extract suppresses all the symptoms of tinnitus and helps the organism to recover faster, while later to obtain a preventive firm from further infections and hearing complications. It’s one of the best solutions in case of the severe pain in the ear.
  • Goji Berry extract is a strong immunity system booster. With its help the ear cells will recover faster and will restore their functions to normalize the hearing senses. In the ancient times it’s been promoted for prophylaxis to patients with often tinnitus.
  • A set of two vitamins antioxidants in high concentration – C and E – to help the organism build antibodies against viruses with complications related with hearing and the middle ear.
  • Magnesium – the mineral with fast relieving and calming effect. It also supports the body antioxidants to work against the free radicals to prevent ageing.
  • Lipoic acid has an overall repairing effect on the ear connective tissue and helps the organism to quickly recover from infections like tinnitus.

What is Hemax can be understood through the product formula. This innovative formula patented by Sojlabs – the producer of the pills – is determined as one of the most revolutionary discovery in ENT sphere for the last half a century. Hemax formula completely naturally recovers hearing and instantly stops noise in the ear. The secret is hidden in the precise selection of the most result-oriented herbs that through the years have defined the Ayurveda method for ear and hearing support. But these plants are not chaotically mixed to produce a food supplement with no laboratory tests and guarantees for results. As a matter of fact, Hemax ProCare formula has been built up through some of the most modern technology standards in today’s medicine. After passing numerous clinical trials in 136 countries across the whole world the pills have been approved by some of the most renewed and reputable ENT doctors.

Instructions for use and dosage

Instructions for use and dosage

Hemax instructions should be decently followed by all patients. Please, note that this product is available across the entire globe, but all customers receive a manual in their particular local language. Within the step by step leaflet there’s also information about the daily recommended dose.

Make sure to read Hemax ProCare instructions which will below briefly describe:

  • This is a product for oral usage only.
  • Each product pack includes 30 pills.
  • How to take Hemax? – Take 1-2 capsules with enough water before eating
  • Daily recommended dose: Take 1-2 capsules two times per day: in the morning and in the evening
  • The pill is easy to be swollen, but the recommendation for the intake with a lot of water is a must as it provides the faster absorption of the active agents
  • Minimum duration of the therapy: 1 month
  • Attention: keep the product in a cool place and away from direct sunlight


Side effects and contraindications

Hemax side effects are not possible to affect you. There are no side effects that can be caused to any of the customers regardless of how long you will take the pills. Please, be aware that in most cases Hemax contraindications are no reported. The producer Sojlabs, though, recommend the breastfeeding and pregnant women to consult with a doctor in advance. All customers who cannot stand any of the active ingredients should avoid taking the solution. Please, note that that Hemax is not recommended for kids.

Hemax comments, opinions & reviews in the Philippines

Hemax comments, opinions & reviews

Hemax comments represent the most objective proof that this is one of the most fast-working and efficient product for hearing recovery. The honest opinions left by real customers literally touched all of our employees in our editor’s office. We have read reviews where people one step closer to become fully deaf have repaired their hearing with up to 90% in one month only. In addition to these, in the feedback posts there are several comments and opinions by specialists – doctors are even more impressed by the pills. In their reviews, including in reputable medicine scientific magazine they say that β€œthe product gives hope to millions of people who can no longer rely on traditional conventional pharmacy tablets or risky surgeries to get rid of tinnitus complications and hearing loss”.

Check out now some Hemax feedback posts left by real customers from the all around the globe:

β€œHemax works! Tinnitus is no longer something I care or worry about. And I had the last most serious form of the disease with 80% reduction of hearing in my right ear. The pills recovered it 100% and the pain was eliminated during the first couple of days”

β€œI recommend the pills everyone who’s been tortured by noise in the ears just like me. Living with this constant cacophony inside your ears and your heard is a total disaster. You stop talking, working, sleeping even being happy normally…Thanks to this solution I have forgotten what it is to hear this ringing all the time…!”

β€œThis is a great product. My mother has recently been diagnosed with 50% reduction of hearing in both ears due to a serious virus infection. She is in her 70s and as you can guess no one wanted to treat her. Doctors say after all she’s a granny, she will not need her hearing anymore. Can you believe this? Thankfully, someone has invented such a wonderful solution that can deal even with deafness due to ageing! Old people are people, too! And finally someone took care of their needs for a normal life!”

Hemax ProCare price in the Philippines – Where to buy?

Hemax ProCare price in the Philippines

Hemax ProCare price is another top discussed subject in most feedback posts related with the product. What we find out in these comments is that the solution is not another scam or a marketing trick, but an amazing treatment at a budget-friendly price. Hemax price is cheap and affordable. If you wonder how much the pills are you will, though, have to ask for the original product. Unfortunately, there are no some faked products and you should avoid them on mandatory. Get more instructions below. Within them we will tell you how to receive 50% discount from Hemax price.

Available at the Pharmacy, Amazon, eBay or official website?

Hemax pharmacy, Amazon or eBay order is a huge risk. In these places there are right now numerous toxic replicas. They do not just harm your liver and stomach, but they also cannot help you as the original product. Besides, the promo price with 50% discount is a special offer that is not available in pharmacy, Amazon and eBay. Here’s where you can receive it and avoid the risk to come upon a faked product:

  • Buy the pills only from Hemax ProCare official website. There is no other place where the producer sells the product officially at this moment.
  • When you visit the official website, read more comments from real people and then, check out the official information about side effects, instructions and contraindications.
  • Fill in the registration form with your names and telephone number.
  • Via this phone number you will be reached by the product customer support team.
  • Confirm your order without the necessity to prepay anything
  • Wait for a delivery within 3-5 days

HemaxProcare capsules for ears, hearing

FINAL THOUGHTS: Hemax ProCare pills recover hearing, treat tinnitus, protect from complications due to ear infections and remove the ringing noise. They are made of 100% organic herbal extracts and have no side effects. Buy the product at a promo price with 50% discount now.


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