Hardica – Comprehensive Prostate Formula? Reviews, Price?

Hardica capsules Review PhilippinesHardica is a special remedy for prostatitis as it supports the normal function of the male urogenital system. The product is now present on the market in the Philippines and from this review, you will learn: What is the Hardica product – effects and benefits? How to eat the capsules – dose, instructions? What do usually clients say in their reviews and testimonials? How much is Hardica original – price, and where to buy it? Is it sold in pharmacies and Mercury Drug?


Hardica is an efficient complex for a healthy prostate gland and increased libido. The remedy steadily improves the work of the prostate and has a beneficial effect on erectile function. The continuous usage of the Hardica product can fully relieve the painful symptoms of both acute and chronic prostatitis. This is due to the fact that the capsules have incredible anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Furthermore, the content of Hardica is 100% organic which means that it does not cause trouble with side effects or health complaints. In addition, the product has been approved by the KKM because it is a food supplement but not a medicine.

In the Philippines, people write and post reviews on the Hardica product on trending web pages for health discussions. We know that you may be eager to learn more so read below. This article will also inform you about the current price of the remedy for prostatitis and low libido.

Chronic Prostatitis – Definition & Diagnosis

Chronic Prostatitis – Definition & Diagnosis

Chronic prostatitis (also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is a disease that affects men of all ages and is an infection of the prostate gland that lasts for more than 3 months. Its characteristic is that it proceeds slowly, greatly disrupting the patients’ quality of life, and its treatment is difficult and continuous. There is hardly a man with this disease, for whom it has not become a “nightmare” and he does not tremble lest the dull pains between the testicles and the anus, the discomfort and burning when urinating should reappear.  Medical reports suggest that chronic prostatitis can have extremely diverse symptoms, which are manifested in different combinations and with different strengths in individual patients. They are due to inflammation in the gland and compression of the urethra caused by swollen prostate tissue.

The mechanisms needed for diagnosing chronic prostatitis are:

  • Disease history and symptoms;
  • Microbiology and laboratory tests;
  • Ultrasound and/or other imaging studies;
  • Uroflowmetry for objective evaluation of urination;
  • Additional tests – they are not mandatory for every patient.

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What Is Hardica – Can It Treat Chronic Prostatitis

What Is Hardica

So, Hardica for what? Hardica is a recommended remedy for prostatitis. It is presented as capsules that should be eaten every day. Hardica is also a special complex that has 4 major positives for the male body. First, it stabilizes erectile function. It also works as a prevention against the formation of abnormal cells in the prostate and urinary tract. The Hardica product also has a strong antibacterial effect. The patented content of the supplement includes only herbal ingredients that have a positive effect on normalizing the function of the prostate, which leads to increased potency. Moreover, Hardica removes the sense of fatigue and energizes your entire body. You will feel more concentrated, as the capsules boost the immune system. Besides, there are no side effects related to the intake of Hardica.

Short Details about Hardica

Hardica Price1980 PHP
Where to Buy?▶️ Buy Here
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None

Hardica Original – Reviews of Clients

Hardica Original capsules opinions comments Philippines Price

What do people write in their Hardica reviews and testimonials? Our team observes that thousands of happy customers from the Philippines are writing and sharing positive Hardica reviews on forums and web pages of different sorts. These are usually the most common places where customers post their personal impressions and thoughts. In addition, many urologists recommend the Hardica product with positive reviews on Instagram and Facebook. According to them the effectiveness of the bio-means for a healthy prostate is significant and long-lasting. The capsules successfully improve not only the health of the prostate but also the reproductive system and sex life. In general, people state in their reviews that Hardica works and has no side effects.

Benefits & Advantages of the Capsules for Prostatitis

Customers discuss some of the main Hardica advantages in their reviews.


  • Reliable in all stages of prostate inflammation;
  • Significant antibacterial properties;
  • It does not cause addiction;
  • Lasting relief without side effects;
  • Suitable for men of different ages;
  • Only bio-based components;
  • Preventive value.


  • The Hardica product is not sold in pharmacies;
  • The promo price is not permanent in time.


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How to Eat Hardica – Dose, Instructions

Just find and read the short leaflet with instructions for use of the Hardica product. Do not exceed the mentioned daily dose of the capsules. Jose Rivera is a genitourinary specialist who says that nowadays, more and more experts are recommending natural products. This product is one of them because it has herbal ingredients, so it is not dangerous to health. It can also fully deal with the pain and swelling in the prostate.

So, how to eat Hardica?

The instructions are:

  • Take one capsule daily;
  • The duration of intake depends on every human’s condition;
  • Take the remedy for at least 21 days;
  • For long-lasting results, you can conduct a 90-day course.

Side Effects & Danger

Hardica is a biological remedy for the prostate that does not cause manifestations related to potential side effects and dangerous health complaints. This is achieved with the help of the special and patented herbal content of the capsules. They contain valuable natural ingredients, not chemical compounds or parabens.

Content and Main Ingredients


The entire content of Hardica is natural. Below you can read more about the ingredients that are included in the final capsule formula. The herbal components are characterized by proven effects on men’s health. The main ingredient that is part of the special composition of Hardica original is the herb Tribulus Terrestris. The plant is very popular because of its countless health benefits. Some of them are increased libido and testosterone production. Also, the extract of this herb keeps the urinary tract healthy and bacteria-free.

The ingredients of the product are:

  • Gluten-free;
  • No animal testing;
  • 100% vegan;
  • No artificial coloring;

Hardica – Price in the Philippines – Where to Buy

Hardica – Price in the Philippines

How much is Hardica and where to buy it? Customers from the Philippines can now purchase the original remedy Hardica at an affordable price. Go to the dedicated web page of the brand – then, you will quickly notice a short application for filling in. The process is simple and entirely confidential as is the delivery service that follows. Besides, you will get an attractive Hardica price offer.

In addition, the distributor of the bio-supplement for prostatitis offers interesting and lucrative promo programs. They are associated with serious discounts and campaigns on the product site. You can follow them regularly to get the best price for the Hardica product. Do it now and take care of your health and self-confidence.

Is It Sold in the Pharmacy

No, Hardica is not sold in pharmacies, Mercury Drug, or on Shopee and Lazada. The distribution of the original male health product is directly related to its official web page. In case you come across a product that looks like Hardica in Mercury Drug or on Lazada this is a scam and a dangerous fake imitation. Consumers should be aware that there are many scams on the market. So, do not go to search for Hardica in pharmacies.

Bottom Line: The solid remedy Hardica is an innovative nutritional supplement for a healthy prostate and a more dynamic sex life. The original product increases libido and supports the prostate function. Customers in the Philippines write positive reviews and opinions about it. The natural remedy does not cause side effects and is more effective than alternative products from the market.


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