Skin Vitalis – How Does the Face Night Cream with Salmon DNA Extract Influence Our Skin?

Skin Vitalis Face CreamSkin Vitalis is a night cream with a natural formula for benefiting the skin. Its formula comprises of a number of bio ingredients, which help the face look nicer and fresher after its application. Moreover, with growing popularity online, the SkinVitalis face night cream has been gathering mainly positive client feedback. Users from forums online are sharing their opinions. Most of them are stating that they are satisfied with the way the natural cream works.

SkinVitalis is out of stock. There is no clear info when it is available for sale. In the meantime we suggest you check Intenskin cream.


The SkinVitalis organic face cream has been manufactured by Granada Ltd, a Ukrainian company, specialised in bio-cosmetic products. Due to the popularity of the product, many are wondering if it’s fake. The company mentions that there had been fake products available before when they just started their business. This is why they restricted sales and orders to the official product website only. How people can distinguish the real official Skin Vitalis website from fake ones, and what are its natural ingredients, readers can find out below.

3 Things We Do That Are Bad for Our Face Skin

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During our fast-paced daily lives, it can be sometimes hard to keep track of everything we do and take care of every little thing. Without even us realising, some of the things we do may end up being not quite good for us and our body. We take a look at 5 things we probably do, and why they are bad for our face skin.

  1. Old Beauty Products – You have been using them for a while and never had a chance to properly clean them. They could include make-up brushes and beauty sponges. Old, unclean makeup may be stuck there which could lead to bacteria and yeast. By using them, we transfer the bacteria on our face which may cause irritations or pimples. This is why we should always clean our makeup products at least once a week.
  2. Skipping Sun Protection – UV lights are not good for our skin and skipping sun protection especially for people with fair complexion is not a good idea. Too much time under the sun could lead to skin imperfections such as discoloration, redness, sagging, premature aging. During summer, sun cream and lotions should be part of our daily routine.
  3. Consuming Too Much Sugar – It is hard to break down by the body and may lead to high blood sugar. This could lead to bad influence on tissues like collagen. The lack of it may make you more vulnerable to the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

If you have fallen into the trap of one of these, there is no need to worry. We can always take a step to be better or use a bio-cosmetic product that could help us deal with the issue. Such a product is the Skin Vitalis night face cream. It contains various organic extracts and it is said to be affordable for most users online.

What is Skin Vitalis? Client reviews?

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SkinVitalis is a face night cream with a rich bio-natural formula. It consists of several organic ingredients. Each of them has been chosen especially for its abilities to have a positive influence on the face skin. Client feedback and testimonials online confirm that users’ faces look fresher, brighter and livelier. They say they have started seeing these changes after the recommended period of application. According to the manufacturer, this is at least 14 days after it has first been applied to the face. Here is a list of its positive qualities, according to the clients:

  • Positive Influence on the Face’s Skin;
  • Natural Formula with a Rich Amount of Organic Ingredients;
  • Fresher, Brighter-Looking Skin after Recommended Period of Application;
  • Easily Accessible Website and Order;
  • Fast Delivery Times.

What are the SkinVitalis Natural Ingredients?

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The SkinVitalis natural cream consists of several organic ingredients. They are carefully selected so that they can influence the way the skin looks. Here is more information on each one of them:

  • Collagen – It is one of the most precious proteins for skin, hair, and nails. The lack of it can be reflected mostly on the face – as a consequence, its surface can wrinkle. This makes it an important element in SkinVitalis’ natural ingredients. It makes it stronger and causes the skin to look brighter.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – One of the main elements of the skin’s connective tissue. It has a positive influence on the protection from UV light.
  • Salmon DNA – It contains Omega-3 fatty acids. They can lead to collagen and elastin production, which help the face skin look livelier.
  • Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) – It benefits blood circulation. On its part, it can lead to improving the skin’s restoring processes (mainly from pimples and black dots).

How to Apply the Skin Vitalis Organic Face Cream?


The SkinVitalis face night cream can be applied in a few easy steps. According to the manufacturer, they are as follows:

  1. Clean your face from any make-up or dirt on your face. Use a towel to softly dry it.
  2. Put an ice cube on your face and massage it gently.
  3. Apply the SkinVitalis natural cream around the eyes, cheeks, and neckline. Massage gently with round movements.
  4. Repeat the procedure every evening before going to sleep. According to the manufacturer, this should happen for at least 28 days.

SkinVitalis Price and Delivery Times

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Manufacturers advise ordering the Skin Vitalis natural face cream via its official website. They warn that a lot of fake products have been produced in the past so they came up with the idea of an official website where an authentic product could be ordered. The SkinVitalis official website is made accessible and easy-to-use for all users, new and old. The steps for ordering are simple. Users need to fill in their name and current phone number. A distributor of the product will contact them shortly to specify the delivery address. Clients can use this call to clarify any further information about the product they might need.

Users online mention that they believe the SkinVitalis price is affordable. There are also a lot of promotional offers available so the natural cream official website. Only there you will find an excellent bargain price.

Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Healthy Skin!

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could also influence our skin. Besides, using natural products with organic ingredients could only be beneficial for our skin and body. Therefore, taking a good look at our diet and removing unhealthy foods could also help us. Achieving a healthy lifestyle and good-looking skin does not happen for a day, but the process is surely worth it!

Bottom Line: The SkinVitalis Night Cream is a natural bio-cosmetic product for benefiting the face skin’s look. Moreover, it is organic and contains extracts of salmon DNA and gotu kola. According to users on forums online, its affordable price and rich organic formula make it a better choice than other alternatives on the market.
SkinVitalis is out of stock. There is no clear info when it is available for sale. In the meantime we suggest you check Intenskin cream.


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