Intenskin cream guarantees fast anti-age results at an affordable price

Intenskin cream ReviewIntenskin cream provides a radical change for your skin with fast anti-age results. According to the online forum comments, the product has an affordable price but offers an equivalent effect to the one from procedures such as dermal filler injection and Botox. The significant interest in this product is mainly due to its 100% natural formula and the growth of the number of positive reviews on the internet. We have read many of them to get to know the cream. And now we offer you our own Intenskin review that will give you more information about its content, instructions for application, results and effect. Check it out below.


Intenskin effect is as powerful as plastic surgery, while the results – 100% long-term

cream Inten Skin effects

Intenskin effect is not just fast and fabulous, but massive, similar to the one we can receive from expensive and dangerous plastic surgery. Although it is a cream for external usage, the results are long-term, and according to what we read in an online forum, opinions are visible about 2 weeks after the first application. Intenskin has been approved by 1000+ of the best dermatology specialists from the EU and provided with quality certificates. After 3 years of clinical trials and deep laboratory tests, the cream debuted on the market to make a huge breakthrough in the cosmetic industry for less than a week. Right now, the online beauty forums are full of reviews and feedback testimonial posts related to the stunning hydrating, anti-ageing, cellular rejuvenating and brightening effect of the cream. Intenskin is ideal for uneven skin tone, fine lines and deep wrinkle, eye bags, lack of elasticity and dull skin. Its skin recovering effect is visible within a couple of days thanks to the implemented latest innovative solutions that can combat numerous problems such as estrogen and collagen deficit, stress, UV light damage and air pollution.

Short Details about IntenSkin

Price39 EUR
Where to Buy?▶️ Official Website Only
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️Scams Sold at Online Shops
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the Instructions
Side Effects❌None

Inten Skin ingredients in the formula are 100% organic. What’s inside this cream content? What is Inten Skin in details?

Intenskin ingredients are finely selected natural extracts and oils. They come in high concentration to build up the solid formula with immediate effect and guaranteed results. This 100% organic content eliminates the risk of any irritation, skin rash, and pore-clogging or allergic reaction. Suitable for vegans, the formula is a result of 4 years of scientific researches and 3 years of the perfect cellular rejuvenation approach creation. Thanks to the pure spring water, Intenskin is delicate and mild, while the application turns the daily beauty ritual into a unique, pleasant spa experience. The main active ingredients are pure avocado and argan oils that minimize the pores, improve the skin tone, recover the deepest wrinkles and activate the cells to rejuvenate in a fully natural way. In addition to these, the high concentration of hyaluronic acid restores the hydro balance, stimulates the production of collagen to make the skin sleek and blemish-free and adds a velvety touch. The proactive ingredients don’t just remove the ageing signs but create a safe barrier for the skin, making it protected from UV light and other harmful environmental factors.

Instructions are added in the leaflet. But are there any side effects or contraindications? And how to use Inten Skin for maximum results?

usage cream face skin

Intenskin instructions are available for all customers who buy the original product with the official leaflet in it. In this step by step manual, you can read all the necessary beauty ritual steps to take to achieve blemish-free, elastic and finely hydrated skin in no time. Please, note that Intenskin side effects are not known. There’s also official information from the product producer that there are no contraindications. Every woman can use the cream to treat the fine lines or to prevent the first ageing signs. Here is how to use Intenskin according to the leaflet manual:

  • This product is only for external usage
  • The daily dose depends on the level of your skin imperfections. Usually, it is recommended to use the cream twice per day – in the morning and the evening
  • Always apply the skin cream on a clean and dry skin
  • It is recommended to exfoliate or tone the skin in advance to let Intenskin bioactive ingredients work more efficiently and to deeply restore the dermal layers
  • There is no problem to use makeup above
  • You don’t need any UV sunscreen or a hydrator to add before or after this cream. The product has UV filters, and it offers instant hydro balance regulation
  • Use the cream minimum of 1 month to see results
  • No need to make any pauses of using the cream. You can use it all year round


Intenskin opinions, comments and reviews straight from the online forum feedback posts

Intenskin opinions, comments

Intenskin opinions and comments are promising and very interesting. According to these reviews, it is cheaper and safer to use the cream to entirely remove the fine lines rather than going on any dangerous plastic surgeries or pay for the super expensive aesthetic medical procedures. In these online feedback posts, we even see several opinions provided by specialists and doctors. They say that Intenskin is safe and primarily “it represents a completely new revolutionary approach into skin improvement after ageing, especially with its innovative organic composition that cannot cause any dangerous side effects, but only to activate the quick cellular rejuvenation”. In addition to these, we have read thousands of other positive reviews and opinions in several popular beauty only forum feedback posts:

  • Intenskin I love this cream. This is my must have in my cosmetic bag. Actually, after using it for a month, I don’t need any makeup to hide the fine lines.”
  • Absolutely great! And at a great price. What else can I say? The cream does what it has to do, unlike those scams in the market these days. The cream made my skin more elastic, bright and blemish-free!”
  • “I’ve been using the cream for a month and a half. The results are visible already. I don’t hide the fine lines with a concealer anymore. And the eye bags are just gone!
  • “I recommend this cream to all ladies who don’t have enough money for monthly Botox procedures because it has the same effect at a more affordable price. Plus – it is the first cream that really hydrates the skin and eliminates the irritation.”

Intenskin price in pharmacy. How to make an online order through its official website? How much is Intenskin when purchased directly from the producer?

Intenskin price official website

Intenskin price is one of the most significant benefits of this innovative cream. Compared to the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures, this revolutionary solution provides the same effect at a more affordable price. But the price in pharmacy is something you should not be interested in at all. As a matter of fact, the only place from where you can order the original product is through its official website. Even the producer has made an announcement according to which right now the market is full of replicas. You are at risk to come upon a faked product in the pharmacy and even in big online stores such as eBay and Amazon. To avoid a scam, please follow these steps to make a safe and fast online order:

  • Visit the official website
  • Have a look at the product information such as content, instruction for application and even more reviews and comments from real people
  • Attention: the standard Intenskin price is now reduced by 50%. We don’t know how long this promo campaign will be, so better hurry up to buy the cream with a 50% discount
  • Right next to the price tag, there’s an online order form
  • Fill the online order form with your names and telephone number
  • Prepayment is not necessary. You pay for the product at the delivery time
  • Via the phone number you have provided, a consultant will reach you to confirm the order
  • There’s no problem asking a question or requiring a free consultation by phone
  • Provide your address for delivery and wait for your cream to land within up to 5 days
  • Please, note that all couriers wear protective masks to keep you safe from infection from Covid-19

cream for face inten skin

INSTEAD OF A CONCLUSION: Intenskin is an anti-ageing cream that hydrates, tones, brightens up and recovers from fine lines and other blemishes the polluted and damaged skin. With its organic formula, the purest essential oils and herbal extracts act on a cellular level to fully rejuvenate the epidermis with no side effects. The product is at a reasonable price and can be ordered directly through its official website with a 5-day delivery time.


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