Diabextan – Full-body recovery from Diabetes and High Blood Sugar?

Diabextan Blood Sugar Capsules Review Philippines Diabextan is a new food supplement in the Philippines which according to the local comments and reviews is promoted to give a full-body recovery starting from normalizing the blood pressure rate, as well as the regulation of the blood sugar levels. But this product is also capable to boost your immune system and improving the body’s metabolic processes if we have to believe in the real customer reviews and feedback posts on a number of online forum websites. All of these sound to us quite curious, mainly because the capsules are 100% organic. This is why we have decided to make our own research ended up with this detailed Diabextan review.


What is Diabextan? How does it work?

Diabex tan capsules for diabetes

Diabextan is designed to show outstanding results with diabetes, as well as with an extra effect against hypertonia. This food supplement has a bioactive formula that targets the bad cholesterol at the expense of the good cholesterol level increasing. The capsules reverse insulin resistance and support cellular regeneration, which is tremendously essential prophylaxis in case of an official diabetes diagnosis. Thanks to its innovative patented composition Diabextan medicine recovers the entire cardiovascular system and supports the average heart rate.

Safe and natural, the Diabextan medicine is approved by numerous doctors on a global scale and has an official quality certificate. Approved by dozens of organizations in the field of organic food supplements for health support as well as FDA, this product makes a real breakthrough in the natural treatment of hypertonia and diabetes according to the results of its clinical trials and laboratory tests. Moreover, online forum testimonial posts in the Philippines are the real customer opinions regarding Diabextan’s high efficiency.

Short Details about Diabextan

Diabextan Price1980 PHP
Where to Buy?▶️ Buy Here
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

Ingredients and formula in detail

ingredients and composition capsules blood sugar

Diabextan capsules official distributor in the Philippines, says that among the product ingredients, you will not find any GMO signs, preservatives, harmful chemicals or components of a synthetic origin. Instead of these risky elements, the food supplement is enriched with potent herbal extracts. All of them are scientifically proven plants that through the years have been promoted as the top eco-friendly treatment methods in case of heart issues, high blood sugar or blood pressure levels, constant fatigue and tiredness or headache, eyesight problems, and slow wound healing due to diabetes. The formula is a result of long-lasting researching work. We are really pleased to see excellent organic and 100% vegan content.

Here are Diabextan ingredients that are so powerful and efficient against free radicals, too, that can even help you with your weight loss plans:

  • Fig leaf is used to reduce the blood sugar levels, as well as to protect the cells for oxidant stress. It has the potential to minimize the healing processes of wounds and other diseases that are generally related with slower treatment due to diabetes or metabolic disorders.
  • White Mulberry leaf is one of the best preventive measures against diabetes and vascular problems. It has a fantastic feature to normalize blood sugar levels and has a balancing function on blood pressure.
  • Berberine extract is used to reduce the bad cholesterol level and to increase the good cholesterol level, as well as to minimize the excess of glucose production in the liver. This extract has also been promoted as an antioxidant that can support the cells to self-heal and reproduce, including in case of severe chronic disease.
  • Juniper berry is a crucial component in Diabextan composition as it has the potential to control the inflammation inside the body, which is a top reason for dangerous complications in case of diabetes. This is also a great food supplement to add to your nutrition regime if you want to lose weight.
  • Bitter melon is here to lower the cholesterol level and to give full support for the healthy and properly functioning cardiovascular system.

The blood sugar capsules are designed to not irritate the stomach. The composition is also safe for ingestion by simply removing the capsule and taking the powder inside.

Diabextan – How to take? Instructions

How to take Diabextan instructions and dosage

Diabextan instructions are strictly provided by the product’s official distributor in the Philippines, as well as in many customer online forum feedback posts. We will give you our own brief about the food supplement step-by-step manual, too. It is essential to find out in advance how to take Diabextan. This is how you can guarantee your organism full and fast recovery from all the symptoms of diabetes, hypertonia, and bad cholesterol large levels.

Here are the instructions to follow:

  • 1 dose of the medicine is equal to 1 capsule.
  • The capsules are only for internal usage.
  • The daily dosage is 1 Diabextan capsule.
  • Do not exceed the daily dose as the effect with no increase proportionally.
  • It is preferable to take the capsule early in the morning to experience the excellent blood sugar and blood pressure normalizing effect throughout the whole day and to avoid bad symptoms such as headache, eyesight problems, tiredness, anxiety, etc.
  • Take the capsule with enough water.
  • There is no matter when you will take the capsule – before, during, or after a meal.
  • Make sure to use the food supplement at an average the same time during the day.
  • Diabextan side effects and contraindications are not registered during the official clinical trials in the Philippines.

Diabextan review, comments, opinions

Diabextan reviews, comments, opinions Philippines

The comments and opinions are promising, while Diabextan reviews sound like guarantees that nowadays it is highly possible for every diabetes or hypertonia patient to deal with the symptoms and with a chronic disease as a whole through a fully natural remedy. But patients are not the only ones that promote this food supplement as an excellent treatment. Many doctors, including GPs and endocrine system specialists in the Philippines, have released their own official Diabextan reviews.


Here’s a small part of one of the comments and reviews coming from the medicine surroundings in the Philippines: “I came upon several Diabextan reviews and comments written by patients of mine. I was concerned about them, which is why as their doctor, I had to check out what this food supplement is about. I was literally shocked when I found out that this is a fully organic product with no chemical components. The first proof for the Diabextan effect was one of my patient’s monthly lab tests of the blood sugar level. It was normal. And this patient has been suffering from diabetes for 10 years. Then, I made a couple of laboratory tests on my own, and I saw that Diabextan is actually an amazing innovation in the food supplement market as it has an actual potency not just to prevent, but to fully treat diabetes, hypertonia, and large cholesterol level symptoms”.

Diabextan opinions written by real customers:

Diabextan works! I used to have hypertonia and very high blood sugar rates. An immediate risk to get diabetes soon, too. My cholesterol tests were not ok, either, as I had been overweight due to stress for a long time. You have no idea what a big change Diabextan made in my life. I am 100% healthy now, and I even made it to lose 5 kilos for 2 months due to this amazing product!”

Diabextan is safe. This is not another scam you will be offered in another pharmacy you will visit to desperately look for a risk-free blood sugar level normalizing product. I am telling you honestly, guys. All of the Diabextan comments are true. This product has saved me from a long-suffering period from all those nasty diabetes symptoms. I no longer use insulin.”

Diabextan price in the Philippines?

Diabextan price Philippines

Diabextan price is affordable in the Philippines. However, there is one “But”. Where to buy the authentic formula for diabetes. If you buy Diabextan in the pharmacy or stores such as Amazon or Mercury Drug, first of all, you might come upon a scam and second of all, the price might not be that reasonable at all. For the sake of your safety, we strongly recommend you buy only the original Diabextan. The original is available only on Diabextan official website. Visit the platform 24/7 for online orders. And the best thing is that right now, the Diabextan price is in a promo campaign with a -50% discount. You can get a pack for only ₱1980 instead of ₱3960, which is the regular product price.

Complaints have appeared on online forums from people that bought Diabextan in Mercury drug. The cost of the medicine there was further reduced so they got seduced despite the warning by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, there is a deceiving practice and Diabextan price on Mercury Drug was lower. However, this was not the original product and it was quickly removed off the shelves.

How to Order:

  1. Visit Diabextan official website
  2. Have a look at the product leaflet and step by step manual
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the platform
  4. Fill in your names and your telephone number
  5. Wait for a phone call on this telephone number
  6. A consultant will get your address for delivery in the Philippines
  7. You can ask any question you want via the phone call
  8. You don’t have to prepay anything
  9. Pay for Diabextan upon delivery
CONCLUSION: Diabextan is a food supplement that helps hypertonia, weight loss due to overweight, increased harmful cholesterol levels, and diabetes. The original product is available for safe online orders via the official website. The price is now on sale.


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