HydroSerum: the power of gold for precious skin

HydroSerum Ocean Shake 50 ml Scam ReviewHydroSerum Ocean Shake, the most coveted beauty serum of recent months, is finally available in Italy, Mexico and Spain as well. After hearing about it in a very positive way about reviews and opinions in the forums we wanted to analyze all aspects of this product, to try to understand what is due to so much increasing popularity.


In the next few lines we tried to bring back everything we discovered about HydroSerum, and information about how it works, what its ingredients are, how to apply it correctly and where to buy it at the best price in Italy, Mexico and Spain, to find a skin more beautiful than ever!

5 Reasons Colloidal Gold Is the Latest Beauty Trend

The use of colloidal gold in niche beauty products has become increasingly popular in recent months. according to the opinions of experts there are numerous benefits that this substance can bring to the skin. so let’s see what are the 5 main advantages of using colloidal gold in the skincare routine.

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  1. Colloidal gold reduces fine lines and wrinkles – As you age, it is increasingly difficult to combat the fine lines and dark spots that occur due to age, environmental exposure, and dehydration. The innerest layer of the epidermis consists of basal cells, which contain keratinocytes and melanocytes. Keratinocytes are a key factor in the structure of the skin while melanocytes produce melanin and give the skin its color. Gold activates the basal cell layer, creating new skin cells and pushing out old dead cells.
  2. Increase elasticity and tone – Including gold in your skincare routine can help plump and firm your complexion. Because colloidal gold activates that basal layer of the skin, keratinocytes are refreshed. These are the foundation of your skin structure and help give your complexion youthful elasticity. By activating new cells, this allows new keratinocytes to bring vitality and tone.
  3. Reduces collagen depletion – Collagen is the main structural protein that makes up the body’s connective tissue. As we get older, our body naturally begins to produce less collagen and our collagen levels run out. This is the moment we begin to see changes in the skin that make it less elastic, compact and hydrated. Skin care with colloidal gold can actually help restart collagen production and slow down its loss.
  4. Stimulates skin cells – The ions inside the gold help stimulate the cells and nerves of the face, improving blood circulation. Increasing blood circulation increases the metabolism of skin cells and promotes the elimination of old skin cells, thus favoring your skin to transform new cells. By stimulating your cells, colloidal gold helps to have healthier skin! Your skin not only looks better, renews itself and improves itself from the deepest layer of the epidermis.
  5. It helps restore sun damage – We all know that sun damage is one of the main causes of signs of aging. Exposure to the sun can dehydrate the skin, burn it and cause hyper-pigmentation. Colloidal gold, stimulating regeneration, helps eliminate damaged skin and promotes the formation of a compact complexion.

What is Hydroserum? Is it really effective against aging and wrinkles?

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Hydroserum is a serum (many opinions call it a cream) based on premium ingredients – with instant lifting effect and for daily skin treatment! Hydroserum helps to quickly regenerate the skin, favoring and facilitating the natural rejuvenation process. It helps smooth wrinkles and restores a healthy color to the skin.

Thanks to its unique composition, Hydroserum Ocean Shake E is able to quickly penetrate the deep layers of the skin and smooth even the most marked wrinkles. Hydroserum also includes colloidal gold, starfish extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid among its main ingredients, all useful ingredients to combat the main symptoms of skin aging. it is a natural product, before contraindications side effects that is ideal for all skin types and for all ages.

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opinions declare it a suitable product for both prevention and for those skins that already show signs of damage caused by the sun. HydroSerum helps to deal with existing problems and prevent new ones. Skin melanocytes produce melanin, gold stimulates new cell production, allowing to exfoliate dead skin cells, which cause dark pigment formation and helps reduce dark spots.

Please note: the effects the results may vary from individual to individual;

Top 5 Ingredients HydroSerum Ocean ShakeIngredients

Here are the ingredients that make up the composition of this natural powerful serum, which takes care of the skin 360 °:

  • COLLOIDAL GOLD – and able to instantly nourish the skin with beneficial microelements and regenerate even the most problematic skin. Colloidal gold is able to give the skin a more refined, hydrated and bright look.
  • HYALURONIC ACID – Deeply hydrates, able to strengthen soften the skin, counteracts even the deepest wrinkles.
  • STELLA MARINA EXTRACT – rich in fatty acids and vitamins, can make the skin elastic and smooth, stimulating cell regeneration.
  • CAVIAR EXTRACT – helps to effectively remove darkcecks and bags under the eyes. able to combat irregularities and all imperfections of the skin.
  • COLLAGEN – Smoothes and tones the skin, firming the contours of the face. the ideal substance to counteract and prevent signs of skin aging.

Hydroserum is not a drug and can be purchased without a prescription.

HydroSerum: Effects according to customer reviews and opinions

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Customer opinions and reviews are another of the reasons behind the success of this cream, which according to those who have already tried it, would be able to help to:

  1. Smooth wrinkles, both expression and old age, including around the eyes and forehead;
  2. Reduce naso lip wrinkles (without injections, fillers, etc.);
  3. Prevent the appearance of new wrinkles;
  4. Eliminate age spots;
  5. Protect the skin from premature aging;
  6. Improve the contour of the face and the complexion.

How to use Hydroserum in 3 simple moves

Here are the instructions to apply Hydro Serum, as suggested by the package leaflet:

  1. Gently cleanse the skin using the usual method;
  2. Apply the serum to the areas to be treated and on the entire skin of the face, gently tapping with the fingertips.
  3. The product should not be rinsed and after its application it is possible to proceed to your make-up habits.

How and where to buy HydroSerum at the best price?

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Of the opinions and comments left by customers on numerous forums, it emerges that one of the ways to secure Hydro Serum at the best price and under the best conditions, is to place the order directly from the official website (according to the same opinions it would also be useful to pay special attention, to counterfeit or non-original products that could be sold on Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress).

The official website offers 50% discount on the list price, free shipping and payment on delivery. all this simply by filling out an order form to which you can follow a consultant’s call for confirmation of the shipping address.

The product is delivered via Fast Courier without any surcharge. The price of Hydroserum is the same in all European countries.

Useful Advice

The secret of hydrated skin. Cellular hydration and the basis of the health of skin beauty. expert opinions indicate that proper water consumption during the day (about two liters) is especially useful to have healthy toned and fresh skin.

Bottom Line: HydroSerum is an innovative, safe and affordable product to take care of your skin at 360 °. A performance product at an affordable price, which is finding huge success in female audiences of all ages.


5 / 5 stars     

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