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Erogen X GelErogen X gel is a natural product for improving libido. Its manufacturer is the company ‘AICHUN’ , which is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company boasts that the means of emphasizing the note of spicyness and passion in romantic relationships includes only natural ingredients. They aim to influence metabolic activity and processes associated with blood circulation. Thus, the body has energy and is ready for intimate adventures, and the soul is saturated with sensuality.


The majority of customer comments and opinions shared on online forums are positive. A large number of comments reported positive changes related to sensitivity levels. There is no evidence that anyone has experienced serious side effects, unpleasant allergic reactions or any other type of contraindications.

The gel for influencing the feeling of passion and sensuality Erogen X can only be ordered through its official website. The original product cannot be found in pharmacies. Nor in online platforms for the sale of different types of goods, such as Amazon, eBay, AliBaba or Mercadona. More curious details follow in the product review below.

Intimate Delight – Our Desire Through History!

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Society has learned to speak more freely about the physical side of romantic relations between a man and a woman only in recent decades. Until 120-130 years ago, the topic of sex was considered a complete taboo. It was obscene to talk about it. Although the vibrator was applied as a full-fledged medical device until the 1930s. With it, gynecologists have alleviated a condition known as “female hysteria”. There are many myths and delusions about intimate gymnastics that need to be debunked.

The truth is that sex can be extremely useful for the body. This is actually proven by scientists. This act of affection is basically a manifestation of the instinct for reproduction. Namely, thanks to it, we have evolved to the point where we can become a dominant species. That’s why people have been applying different herbs to romantic bliss for centuries.

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The benefits for the body of intimate enjoyment are as follows:

  • Improves mood and eliminates anxiety: This act of pleasure enhances the release of dopamine and serotonin into the brain. Improving blood circulation during movement, which is sex at its core, leads to a decrease in blood flow to the amygdala. When it’s faster, we become more anxious.
  • Eliminates the negative impact of stress: Other hormones that are released during intimate contact are oxytocin and endorphins. They are also responsible for feeling good. Their concentrations during and after sex (especially after orgasm, are more than high.
  • Relieves pain, reduces the risk of heart attack and lowers blood pressure: As it is crucial for the preservation of the species, many more chemicals are released during the romantic rodeo. They act as natural painkillers. Improved blood pumping processes, on the other hand, soothe the heart rhythm and act preventively against cardiovascular disease.

What exactly is the Gel for Good Intimate Presentation Erogen X?

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The bio-cosmetic cream for influencing sensitivity and sensuality has a natural composition and organic formula. It mainly includes active extracts from real-life products. According to the manufacturer, this is also the main reason that the application of the gel to emphasize arousal Erogen X does not lead to unpleasant side effects. Of course, users should adhere strictly to the instructions and recommendations for a seamless application.

Erogen X Instructions for User? How to Apply the cream?

And they state that the easy steps of applying the Erogen X product are:

  1. The gel is applied up to 2 (twice) a day – nearly 20-30 minutes before intercourse or self-indulgence.
  2. A small part (pee sized) of it is squeezed on the palms and gently and carefully rubbed along the continuation of the male sex member.
  3. Circular-massaging movements are used.

There is no need to wash off the cream after application since it is dissolved in the skin.

Customers Erogen X – Comments and Opinions on Online Forums!

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It’s was not hard at all to find Erogen X Opinions and comments online. The libido enhancing gel is easy to apply for more male potency and endurance in bed. It can be used by anyone over the age of 18. The manufacturer company has proven that the cream can deliver many moments of mutual intimate delight in bed. Currently, there are no complaints about the occurrence of negative side effects and Erogen X contraindications in customer comments and opinions on online forums for more pleasure from sex. Men, and even their partners, who are more active on the discussion boards, remain satisfied with the ecstasy achieved and share their stories about using Erogen X. We also checked what is the opinion of clients in Italy and Germany. No surprise there as well. People are quite happy with the results as shared in their reviews and stories.

Here are the main benefits of the Erogen X cream, according to the opinions, reviews and comments available on the intimacy forums:

  • Easy application and rapid absorption into the skin;
  • The product can become a great occasion for foreplay before the Act;
  • Increases libido, endurance and desire for sex;
  • Has a Good Impact on Energy and Helps the Feeling of Mutual Delight;
  • Available at Good Price on the Official Website of Erogen X manufacturer;

Nota Bene! The lack of complaints and reports of side effects in opinions and comments on intimacy forums does not make them impossible. Follow the instructions for use of the Erogen X gel, given as a guide in the product packaging!

What are the Ingredients of the Erogen X formula?

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The packaging of the bio-cosmetic solution does not hint at its character. However, it shall include a detailed description of the content of the device. It states that the ingredients have organic origin. This is also evident as the information on the official web page of the gel for mutual enjoyment of the intimate act Erogen X.

The main components in its composition include active extracts of the fruits of guarana and Maidenhair tree. But the emphasis in the gel formula for impact on levels of mutual excitability and pleasure Erogen X falls on:

  • The amino acid L-Arginine: A popular ingredient of a large number of products for exercise. Favors the synthesis of lean muscle tissue and is responsible for cellular tissue regeneration. It gives energy and speeds up blood circulation. It can boost blood flow to the small pelvis, leading to the expansion of blood vessels. It creates the prerequisites necessary for the good duration of the act of intimate pleasure and the achievement of mutual ecstasy. What is to note is that the concentration of L-arginine in Erogen X is very high and clean. It is this that distinguishes and gives the advantage of the gel. The manufacturer has patented its formula – with particular focus on the stability of the finished product at the appropriate concentration – something not achieved in another product.

Where to Buy Erogen X – Price on the Internet?

The manufacturer advises customers to order the product only through its official web page. On the gel’s website for mutual delight in bed Erogen X, they will find the best price. And also regular access to various promotional offers and discounts, such as “Get 3 Pieces of Erogen X at the Price of 2”. It is not available in e-commerce portals such as eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress or Mercadona. The cream cannot be found in pharmacies or sex shops – well at least the original product is not available there. Watch out for imitating products. The Erogen X price on the licensed website does not change according to the country of distribution. The price of the remedy for male potency and strength Erogen X only is calculated to suit the local currency.

How do I Order the Instrument for The Benefit of Mutual Delight Erogen X?

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The original product for positive impact Erogen X on excitability levels can only be ordered through its official website. Filling in a name and an up-to-date phone number in the digital form there triggers a discreet delivery procedure. Customers should expect a call from a distributor’s representative to specify the details. Regular promo campaigns allow for a purchase at a discount to the authentic value of the product.

Fantasies become Reality through Communicating with the Partner!

Everyone can make their dreams come true by actively seeking communication and feedback with the partner. Sometimes our desires and longings match, but we don’t know it because we haven’t talked about it with each other. And together we can achieve mutual delight and ecstasy!

In short: The Erogen X libido stimulator gel has a natural formula that focuses on the animosic acid L-arginine. It works better than other alternative means of impact on excitability levels.


5 / 5 stars     

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