Erectol Mass – Natural Pills for Penis Enlargement! Opinions of Customers & Price!

Erectol Mass capsules Review PeruErectol Mass is a modern male supplement for penis enlargement that is offered in the form of pills for daily intake. The organic solution promotes stable erection, increased endurance, and maximum pleasure as well as an enhanced penis size. The name of the company manufacturer of the male solution is called Natural Maxx. Erectol Mass for penis growth has a 100% bio-based composition that does not cause the occurrence of unexpected and unwanted side effects, unlike medicines. Besides, you won’t need to undergo expensive and painful surgical procedures to effectively increase the size of your penis. You just need to regularly take the natural pills to allow them to demonstrate their full potential.


Our investigation gathered numerous positive Erectol Mass energizante total opinions and testimonials that have been written by satisfied customers from Peru in 2021. Many clients explain that the effectiveness of the organic tablet is really impressive. The male supplement not only stimulates penis growth but also increases libido and sexual drive. In addition, the product is safe to use due to its herbal composition. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions for use. Read the below paragraphs for more details.

What is Erectol Mass for penis growth? How to take the bio-pills – instructions and dosage? How much is Erectol Mass and where to buy it – price and availability in pharmacies and Mercado Libre?

Beneficial Foods for Naturally Increased Potency!

Increased Potency

There are many myths and misconceptions about sex. For example, most women insist on a longer duration of the intimate intercourse rather than the size of the penis. Good traditional medicine practices advise taking different types of herbs to achieve intimate bliss. Some prominent sexologists believe that these natural products are able to affect metabolic and thermoregulatory processes in the body. All this speeds up the metabolism and leads to pumping more blood to the small pelvis. This creates good preconditions for achieving mutual pleasure and satisfaction during your intimate moments with your partner.

Here are some foods that are considered useful in terms of libido and sexual desire:

  • Dark chocolate with a cocoa content higher than 40%;
  • Watermelon;
  • Asparagus;
  • Pine nuts;
  • Tincture or herbal tea for potency and increase libido;

What Is Erectol Mass & What Does It Serve for? Comments of Customers!

Erectol Mass pills opinions comments

Erectol Mass energizante total is a powerful male supplement that promotes natural penis enlargement. The product is launched in the form of  bio-pills that should be taken daily for at least 28 days. Erectol Mass serves for providing stable and long-lasting erection, increased endurance, and maximum pleasure during sex. The manufacturing company Natural Maxx states that the composition of the tablets is entirely organic and it includes essences from Borojo and Andean Maca. Clinical trials revealed that 96% of the subjects increased the size of their penis as it is also stated that the whole process is that it is safe and natural. Obviously, it is similar to the growth of the penis during puberty. The structure of the corpus cavernosum does not change and the walls of the vessels are not deformed due to the increased blood flow that the penis will have.

Many users from Peru upload positive Erectol Mass opinions and testimonials on a daily basis in 2021. This confirms the high effectiveness of the male supplement. Apparently, the innovative bio-pills achieve significant results that are focused on increasing not only penis size but potency too. As a result, more and more customers state in their comments and opinions that Erectol Mass is a reliable supplement that is absolutely safe to use.

How to Use ErectolMass for Penis Growth – Step-by-Step Instructions and Dosage?

How to Use ErectolMass

Daily use of Erectol Mass for penis enlargement guarantees a natural and impressive result in just one month. Still, clients need to be careful and to strictly follow the implemented instructions for use of the organic pills. Álvaro Quesada is a reputable specialist in men’s health who explains that the high-tech combination of natural components forms a unique formula of the tablets, which promotes the growth of penile cells.

Now take a look at the instructions for use of Erectol Mass energizante total step by step:

  • Take two pills per day – one after breakfast and one after lunch;
  • The treatment for 28 days guarantees stable results;
  • Do not exceed the optimal daily dosage.

Ingredients in the Organic Composition of the Penis Enlargement Pills!

Erectol Mass is a highly effective multi-complex that has an all-natural composition. Its active ingredients promote a prolonged and persistent erection, strengthen libido, increase ejaculation, and penis enlargement. In addition, Erectol Mass tones and strengthens the body which is important for obtaining an increased intimate endurance and libido.

Here are the included ingredients in the composition of the bio-pills for penis growth:

  • Borojo – this fruit has high levels of protein, ascorbic acid, calcium, and iron. It demonstrates significant aphrodisiac properties;
  • Andean Maca – it is used to eliminate sexual dysfunctions as many specialists call this plant a natural sexual stimulant. It also enhances both mental and physical condition;
  • Chontaduro – this plant has numerous health properties. It lowers cholesterol levels and improves the function of the heart. It also increases endurance during sex as well as libido levels;
  • Vitamin B – it stimulates blood circulation in the area of the penis. This makes the erection more stable and increases the size.

Erectol Mass – Price in Peru? Where to Buy – Mercado Libre, Pharmacy?

Erectol Mass – Price in Peru

We know that most of you just want to know how much is Erectol Mass for penis growth and where to buy it. So, we should inform you that currently there is only one official way to purchase the original pills – visit their special website. This is how all clients from Peru can get an affordable Erectol Mass price. Mercado Libre, Amazon, and pharmacies are not the right places to search for the male supplement as they are not authorized to distribute it. As a result, you need to purchase the product from its webpage by filling in the short order form. Remember, this will allow you to get an attractive Erectol Mass price offer.

If you come across a resembling brand on Mercado Libre or in a pharmacy then you are facing a potential fake scam and a dangerous imitation of the authentic pills. Avoid this scenario by relying only on the official supply channel. Also, the distributor of the original product for penis growth offers different promo events and discount campaigns to grant an affordable Erectol Mass price in 2021.

Share Your Fantasies More Often!

capsule for libido

Regular conversations with your intimate partner can significantly improve the quality and frequency of the intimate contacts and pleasure. Don’t be shy to share more. Try to provoke the same from the other side. You can also use the help of organic products to further boost your libido and sexual desire.

Bottom Line: Erectol Mass energizante total serves for penis enlargement. The composition of the pills is absolutely organic and does not cause unpleasant side effects. Customers in Peru upload positive opinions and testimonials about the male supplement. Erectol Mass is more efficient than most other similar brands on the market.


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