Biodermalix anti-age cream Review – Truth or Scam?

BioDermalix Cream 20 ml Review ChileBiodermalix is a brand new anti-age cream with a massive global impact on today’s modern beauty industry. With its affordable price this product achieves the same results as the plastic surgery can, but cheaply and with zero discomfort or recovery time necessity. Plenty of reviews include information about this facial transforming solution. Women from all over the country claim to have erased 10 years of their facial skin. Find out more details in our thorough and helpful Biodermalix review.


biodermalix cream india


Due to local requirements, the product is packed with a different look. The composition and effect of the cream is the same as elsewhere but the look for India is a bit different.


Bio Dermalix crema Peru Precio OpinionesImportant: Bio Dermalix cream can be ordered in Peru, as well. Clients in Peru should know that the cream Bio Dermalix is offered in different package, but it has the same content, ingredients and instructions for usage. The price in Peru is equivalent as the price of Bio Dermalix in Chile.

What is Biodermalix? What does it serve for?

What is Biodermalix?

Biodermalix is a facial cream with anti-age, tightening, hydrating, soothing and time-erasing functions. It serves to minimize the deep wrinkles and to sleek the fine lines. Suitable for all skin types the product is about to become an anti-age solution number one in Chile, India, Tunisia etc. Thousands of women share in their feedback posts that their skin looks more glowing, radiant and youthful again after one month of application only.

Biodermalix serves to deeply restore the hydrobalance in the skin, as well as to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin inside the epidermis and the derma layers. The cream is an ideal solution against the dehydrated, acne-prone and mature skin. Because it restores the firmness of the skin and ideally tightens the facial contour. Thanks to its bioactive complex of antioxidants it also protects the facial skin from the environmental negative effect and creates a protective firm against harmful factors like coldness, air pollution and microbes. Therefore, Biodermalix puts an end to the painful surgeries, the expensive aesthetic treatments and the risky dermal injections. It makes the facial rejuvenation process fully possible to be done safely at home.

Short Details about Biodermalix

BioDermalix Price39 EUR
Where to Buy?▶️ Official Website
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

Biodermalix ingredients and compositioningredients and composition

Biodermalix ingredients are 100% risk-free and natural. This cream is enriched with amazing organic components that heal, repair, stimulate and nourish all the skin layers at once. Biodermalix content is deprived of any chemical or synthetic substances that might harm the skin barrier and cause even more problems such as dehydration, the appearance of additional fine lines, itching, allergic reactions or acne in mature age. The amazing ingredients are precisely selected to eventually build up the most efficient GMO-free composition for facial transformation with no need to lie under the knife.

Check out now the BIOdermalix content and its ingredients. We have received this official information directly from the distributor:

  • Bakuchiol is a rare plant that provides the skin with the life-saving retinol element. Retinol is usually recommended for numerous skin imperfections, including shabby skin, wrinkles and acne. But synthetic retinol (vitamin A) can be extremely dangerous and irritating for the skin. The organic alternative doesn’t just sleek the facial contour, but also recovers the natural glow and the strength of the cells. In addition to these, the plant has powerful antiseptic features and it seriously stimulates the facial skin to naturally produce more collagen even after your 40s.
  • Collagen from natural licorice extract is another excellent anti-age element with firming and smoothing effect. Within a couple of days after applying it on your skin you will see a dramatic change in your appearance. The results are more tightened face, less sagging effect of the skin and softness.
  • Almond oil is a great moisturizer that makes the skin sleek and nice to touch. It has regenerating features and can be an amazing time eraser. The oil makes the fine lines and acne scars disappear.
  • Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that removes the negative effect of the free radicals your skin daily absorbs. As a result of these toxins you have larger and dirtier pores, more imperfections and visible appearance of fine lines. Besides its “cleansing” and “purging” effect Vitamin C can provide your face with full recovery from pigmentation. It’s an ideal whitening solution with zero negative impact.

What is Biodermalix formula?

formula anti-aging cream

What is Biodermalix formula is something that many women try to understand. Especially after one month of using the cream and seeing such a big difference in their skin condition. The big secret in this solution is in the right concentration of all the ingredients. Many cream and gel products in the beauty industry might include some of the elements of this composition. But only Biodermalix formula mixes up the right elements in the right proportion. Sometimes, when the cream contains ingredients in too high concentration, the skin gets irritated and dehydrated, which means even worsen appearance. When the concentration is too low, the ingredients either don’t work, or they have temporary effect. On the contrary, Biodermalix official distributor and the available testimonials from real customers guarantee long-term anti-age results.

Instructions and daily dose


Biodermalix instructions are included in the leaflet. Although this is not a medicine, the cream comes with a step by step manual where you can find all the details about your 1-month transformation. 1 month is the minimum duration you need to use the product to see an actual difference on your facial skin. Of course, there’s nothing bad or contraindicative in the daily usage of the solution. The cream doesn’t cause any allergic or other negative reactions and can be the replacer of all those products you put at once on your face – serum, gel, night cream, etc. But to achieve the desired results, you need to stick to the recommended daily dose and to the Biodermalix instructions.

Here’s what you will read within the manual:

  • This product is made only for external usage
  • The cream is suitable for all skin types
  • This cream is made for facial skin, as well as for the neckline zone
  • Please, don’t exceed the daily dose
  • Daily dose: apply the anti-age cream only once per day at least 30 days and you will see yourself with at least 10 years younger soon
  • It is recommended to use the product in the evening
  • How to use Biodermalix: always apply the product on cleansed and dry skin. For better results, exfoliate the skin in advance to let the cream composition absorb faster in the epidermis
  • The testimonials in online forum feedback posts in Chile include information that the cream smells well, absorbs fast and doesn’t cause any spots on clothes


Side effects and contraindications

Biodermalix side effects are not known. During the clinical trials it’s been reported that 100 from 100 women suffered from any negative effect of the cream. They all used it for 45 days. The women were of different age and with different problems – from 30 to 65-years old, with acne, dehydrated skin or deep wrinkles. No one felt any pore-clogging or irritation. The official distributor says that Biodermalix contraindications don’t exist. Everyone can use the cream and take benefits of its amazing effect. Attention: you don’t need a prescription to buy the cream and you don’t need any consultation with a doctor in the sphere of dermatology in advance.

Biodermalix reviews, opinions and comments

Biodermalix cream opinion comments reviews

Biodermalix reviews, testimonials are the comments by real people from India, Chile, Tunisia that made us pay some attention at the product. In these reviews, opinions and comments posts it becomes clear that 4 from 6 women get rid of wrinkles in 35 days. 5 from 6 of the testimonials include pictures of before and after type. The difference is really impressive! Most women above their 50s look like they are in their 30s again.

In some of the comments, we find opinions by specialists – doctors who practice dermatology say that “the product is a big revolution in the modern beauty industry. Finally women can put something 100% safe on their face and get the look they could only dream about before”.

Check out some of the reviews and testimonials by real customers from online forum feedback posts:

Biodermalix works! This is the best anti-age product I have ever tried. I am 54-years old, but after one month of using the cream I look like I am 40! My skin is so soft and sleek. I don’t see those ugly deep wrinkles anymore. I feel beautiful! When you are in your 50s feeling that way is amazing…”

Biodermalix is not a scam. It is 100% safe. I have used it for two months and right now I am looking for my next product pack delivery in Chile. I cannot live without this cream. It removes all the imperfections from my face. My skin is glowing. And here’s what: I don’t even need to use makeup anymore!”

I recommend the cream to all my friends. They bless me every day for having an efficient anti-age solution that is cheaper and greater than any Botox or plastic surgery…”

Cool cream. Really works! And the price is good!”

Biodermalix price pharmacy in India. Where to buy?

Biodermalix cream price pharmacy in Chile

Biodermalix price pharmacy in India is something we haven’t checked out. As a matter of fact, before you ask for the price, you need to ask where to buy the cream. Because there are several negative reviews where it’s written that the product has nowadays a lot of replicas with extremely hazardous ingredients. During our conversation with the official distributor we were informed that an order from a pharmacy, Mercardo Libre or Amazon is dangerous. Because there are many scam products there. The only place from where to get the original Biodermalix is the official website. This is where the price is now on sale! Instead of the ordinary price, right now you can pay only 50% of it and get the young face you always wanted.

Follow these steps to your facial transformation:

  • Open the official website
  • Fill in the online order form – names and telephone number
  • Don’t pay anything, but wait for a phone call
  • Provide the consultants with an address for delivery during the phone call
  • Wait for a courier to visit you in 5 days
FINAL THOUGTHS: Biodermalix is an anti-age cream with long-term results and 100% natural composition. Please, avoid buying the product from pharmacy, Mercardo Libre or Amazon. There are many dangerous imitating scam products there. Instead, visit the official website and get the cream at a special price with 50% discount.


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