Bentolit – Instant Weight-Loss Solution! Reviews, Price?

Bentolit Original Drink Mix Review Philippines Malaysia SpainBentolit is an instant slimming drink with volcanic clay that will help you shape your body and eliminate excess weight. The dietary supplement is designed in the convenient form of a soluble powder mix that can be taken daily for a long period of time and activates fat-burning processes in the body. The special content of the Bentolit product is absolutely bio-based and combines the efficiency of a ling list with herbal extracts. In addition, this is not a medicine, but a natural supplement so approval by KKM is not required and you can take the powder without a prescription. Bentolit original cleanses the body, thus helping you lose up to 10 kg in 30 days. It also accelerates metabolism and removes excess fluids from the body.


Customers from different continents (Europe and Asia) regularly share positive reviews and testimonials about Bentolit original in 2022. Clients in Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy, and Spain actively discuss the numerous properties and health benefits of the powerful mix for weight loss. Many users also emphasize that the price of the slimming supplement is quite affordable right now.

What is Bentolit – an effective product for weight loss? How to eat the supplement – instructions for use step by step? What do clients share in their reviews about the mixed powder? How much is the Bentolit product – price and where to buy it?

5 Weight Loss Tips (minus 3 kg per week)

Weight Loss Tips

There is a special dietary program that is prepared by reputable dieticians. Following its principles can help you lose 3kg per week without the need for exhausting starvation and excessive workouts. It appears that there is a simple way that can help us lose weight without regaining it shortly after the end of the course. For this purpose, it is important to implement some very simple rules regarding our eating habits.  It is important to explain here that this is not a diet based on yogurt and oranges. You should just aim at eating less processed food by being careful about what is consumed every day. Try to eat foods that contain less sugar, salt, and fats and focus on nutrition that contains more protein.  Also, increase the rate of consuming fresh vegetables because they are low in calories and supply you with vitamins and minerals.

Our 5 effective tips for weight loss are:

  • Reduce the consumption of products with added or hidden sugar – jams, biscuits, milk chocolate, creams, etc;
  • Eat fish and lean meat for lunch and dinner;
  • Prepare your meals with less salt and fat;
  • Alternate a day with and without consuming starchy foods;
  • Consume black rice and quinoa frequently.

What Is Bentolit Original – Slimming Powder Supplement

What Is Bentolit Original

Bentolit is a comprehensive and result-oriented supplement for weight loss. It is based on volcanic bentonite clay. This clay is a natural adsorbent and it daily removes excess water and harmful chemicals accumulated in tissues and organs, helping to dissolve and burn fat. The clay quickly swells in the stomach, appetite decreases and you lose weight. As a result, the answer to the “Bentolit for what?” question is that this product promotes natural body-shaping processes. In addition, the Bentolit product enhances digestive processes and neutralizes heaviness in the stomach. The average weight loss by the end of the 30-day course of treatment is 10-12 kg. Unlike synthetic fat burners and medicines, Bentolit is safe for your health. Thanks to its natural content, it has no side effects and does not lead to complications.

Benefits and Effects

Bentolit for weight loss has several important benefits. They are:

  • Accelerates metabolism;
  • Degrades body fat;
  • Prevents the deposition of fat in problem areas;
  • Tightens the skin, removes stretch marks;
  • Removes cellulite;
  • Neutralizes hazardous chemicals;
  • Improves the condition of the skin, hair, and nails;
  • Relieves alcohol and nicotine intoxication.

Short Details about Bentolit

Price1990 PHP
Where to Buy?▶️ Buy Here
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️Scams Sold at Online Shops
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the Instructions
Side Effects❌None

Bentolit – Reviews of Clients in 2022

Bentolit original opinions comments

The interesting fact here is that customers from various continents (Philippines, Malaysia, Italy, Spain) equally praise the effectiveness of the Bentolit product with positive reviews and testimonials in 2022. Our team managed to gather thousands of positive feedback that has been shared from clients in Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy, and Spain. All this proves that the weight-loss powder achieves satisfying and lasting results. Even popular dietitians tend to share positive Bentolit reviews on Facebook and other social platforms. The best advantage of the dietary supplement is its 100% organic content, of course. You can conduct the 30-day course without worrying about contraindications.


How to Eat Bentolit – Instructions for Use

Make sure to read the implied instructions for use of Bentolit original before the beginning of your weight-loss journey. Nina Lesova is a popular nutritionist who recommends that you should use a shaker bottle to turn the clay into a smooth paste.

The instructions for use of Bentolit are:

  • Put 2 teaspoons of powder in a cup;
  • Pour 200 ml of purified water or skim milk;
  • Stir well, let sit for 10 minutes, then stir again;
  • Drink the cocktail once a day, regardless of food, if possible – in the morning.

Side Effects & Contraindications

The Bentolit product for weight loss is characterized by a herbal formula that is safe to take regularly and does not indicate any potential side effects and contradictions. This is why users can drink the powder mix continuously without any worries.

Composition & Included Ingredients


The Bentolit product features unique content that includes bio-ingredients from the very heart of nature. This is a 100% natural and ecological product that successfully reduces excess weight and promotes better health and a more active lifestyle.

The main ingredients in the formula of Bentolit for weight loss are:

  • Bentonite Clay – it binds harmful chemical combinations and extracts them from the body;
  • Coffee – helps remove excess fluids from the body and lowers appetite;
  • Oat Fiber – this component balances cholesterol levels succesfully;
  • Fennel Seed Extract – it controls digestion process thus facilitating body shaping ;
  • Soy Protein Isolate – the natural ingredients eliminates subcutaneous fat;
  • Ginger Root Essence – the compound accelerates metabolic processes and protects the body from the yo-yo effects;
  • Dandelion Root – this extract has laxative properties that balance the intestinal flora.

Bentolit – Price in the Philippines, Malaysia, Spain, and Italy – Where to Buy

Bentolit – Price in the Philippines, Malaysia, Spain, and Italy

“How much is Bentolit and where to buy it in 2022?” – this is the question you keep asking, right? It is simple – check the special site of the slimming supplement and you will be able to buy it at an affordable Bentolit price. Customers in Spain, Italy, the Philippines, and Malaysia only need to fill in the provided online order form and send it for processing. As a result, you will receive your delivery as well as a really attractive price for the Bentolit product.

The distributor of the brand offers numerous additional discount deals and promo campaigns on the special website of the slimming supplement. Take a note of them and use this opportunity to benefit from an affordable price for Bentolit.

Is It Sold in Pharmacies

Clients cannot purchase Bentolit in pharmacies, Mercury Drug, or on websites such as Lazada, Shopee, Mercadona, and Amazon. The manufacturer distributes this slimming powder through its dedicated website only. So, if you find an imitating product to Bentolit in a pharmacy, Mercury Drug, or Amazon – this is a scam that needs to be avoided. Just follow our useful advice and don’t search for the original Bentolit in pharmacies.

Bottom Line: Bentolit is a powerful and reliable weight-loss supplement that delivers fast and lasting results. The content of the brand is entirely organic and does not trigger side effects. Customers from different countries and continents use it and praise its effectiveness. This slimming solution is more authentic and trustworthy than other similar products on the market.


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