Variquit is the best varicose veins cream in Argentina, according to the testimonials

Variquit Cream Review ArgentinaVariquit is an amazing cream that works against varicose veins. In Argentina, it’s been a big hit on the market for nearly half a year. According to the testimonials, this solution has an immediate effect and offers long-term results against heaviness in legs at a great price. We have checked out the product and discussed its features with the official distributor in Argentina. As a result of our research, we have written this detailed and helpful for you, our sincere audience, this Variquit review.


What is Variquit? What does it serve for?

Variquit is a cream for the treatment of the following conditions: varicose veins, spider veins, hematomas in legs, heaviness in the leg, poor blood circulation and vessel clogging. The cream serves to eliminate the toxins stuck in the blood, restore the blood vessels elasticity, as well as to stop the inflammation process. Unlike most products on the market – different types of gel, cream, tablets, etc. – this innovative product doesn’t just remove the symptoms of varicose veins but provides a solution against the reason for the venous valves not closing completely. As a result of this, clinical trials have reported that Variquit has a long-term permanent effect rather than being just a pain killer for the annoying clinical picture of this chronic disease. In addition to these, the laboratory tests show that the cream is capable to recover the nerve connections and to stimulate the better nutrition of the cells and the connective tissue in the cardiovascular system for what it’s been approved by numerous cardiologists and provided with an international quality certificate.

Composition and the ingredients we find in it. What’s the content in this formula?

herbs for varicose veins

Variquit composition is not dangerous but 100% safe. Because of its efficient set of natural ingredients, the cream cannot cause any allergic reactions or rashes. There are no toxins or GMO elements in the content. The formula uses only organic elements to fully recover the functions of the blood vessels and to remove the damages inside them. The innovative composition stimulates adequate blood circulation nearly 10 times faster and better than the traditional tablets we find in the pharmacy in Argentina these days. But how? What’s the secret in Variquit formula anyway? It is in the high concentration of the following excellent organic ingredients:

  • Gingko Biloba serves to normalize the blood flow and dilate the blood vessels by eliminating the viscosity in the platelets. This herb contains a high amount of flavonoids that additionally back up the cardiovascular system and remove the free radicals to stop the risk of cellular oxidative stress. In addition to these, the terpenoids in the plant remove the pain and support the connective tissue strengthening process.
  • Asiatic spark is added to stimulate the natural collagen production to make the blood vessels more elastic and to tone them up. This rare herb is a typical natural pain killer, but it also repairs damaged skin cells and stops sagging.
  • Ruscus Aculeatus is promoted to help you deal with the main symptoms of varicose veins disease such as pain, heaviness, itching, discomfort and cramping. The plant is also popular in traditional medicine as a venous circulation stimulator and as a great anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Melilotus and Menthol act in synergy to provide an even higher level of relief for patients with varicose veins. They are also very beneficial for the reduction of fluid retention and for the recovery of the venous wall damages. The two herbal extracts have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, too.

How to use the cream? What are the instructions, and are there any side effects or contraindications?

usage cream varicose veins

Variquit can be used as an ordinary cream with an extraordinary fast effect against varicose veins. In the instructions, you will find all the details about the treatment with this solution for heavy legs and hematomas. Although this is not a classical medicine to buy in the pharmacy or to buy with a prescription, it comes with a detailed manual. In this step by step guide, there are no contraindications. Obviously, the cream can be used by any patient despite their age and health status. Variquit side effects are no known, either. Check out how to treat your varicose veins with this solution. See how to use Variquit below:

  • This product is only for external usage
  • The daily dose depends on the size of the affected zone
  • Apply the cream gently with massaging movements until it absorbs well
  • Attention: in online forum feedback posts, it’s said that the solution spread very easily and it has a pleasant smell. The cream does not cause any spots on clothes
  • Use the cream twice per day – once in the morning and once in the evening
  • Always apply the solution on clean and dry skin
  • Minimum duration of the treatment course: 30 days


Variquit testimonials and opinions. What do people share in their online forum feedback posts?

Variquit opinions comments

Variquit testimonials and opinions are what made us research this product. In the online feedback posts in Argentina, we find out that the cream has an extra fast effect. The anti-inflammatory and anti-septic results come at the first application. In addition to these, in some comments and reviews, we have come upon testimonials provided by real specialists – doctors say that the solution is a “real medicine miracle because it eliminates the necessity of a surgical intervention that in 87% of the cases doesn’t result in permanent and satisfying enough effect for the patient”. And here are the testimonials and comments from real customers from Argentina:

  • Variquit works! Once I applied it for the first time, the pain just disappeared. In two weeks, all those pumping veins were gone. This is a miracle!”
  • I used the cream for one month, and just like the distributor says, this time was enough to recover my left leg veins. The price is great!”
  • Fast delivery, affordable price and instant effect against heaviness in legs. I recommend the cream!”
  • Variquit for varicose veins is the cream that saved me from surgery twice. At first, it was my right leg, then my left one. Now varicose veins disease is just a bad memory for me…”

Variquit price in Argentina. Is it available in the pharmacy? How to buy it from the official website?

Variquit price in Argentina

Variquit price in Argentina is very competitive. People claim that the cream has an excellent price – 10 times lower than the laser procedure, which doesn’t help with varicose veins on mandatory. The product is available in some pharmacy stores, but the official distributor recommends you not to buy it from such a place. Avoid ordering the cream from Amazon in Argentina or searching for it in Mercado Libre. The problem is that there are many faked products using the same name out there. And the worst part is that they are with very toxic compositions and sometimes at a higher price. On the contrary, Variquit price is competitive and right now reduced by 50%. To get this exclusive offer until it’s available, make a safe and quick order from the official website. These are the steps to do so:

  • Open the official website
  • You will find lots of extra information about the cream
  • Read some more testimonials from real customers
  • Find the promo Variquit price with a 50% discount
  • It’s where the online order form is placed
  • You need to fill it in with your names and telephone number
  • Expect a phone call within 24 hours from the product customer support team
  • Ask for a free consultation if you need one via the phone call
  • Then, confirm your order without any prepayment. All you need to do is to provide your address for delivery
  • We guarantee delivery in all districts in Argentina
  • The delivery time in Argentina is between 3 and 5 days
  • Attention: no need to worry about Covid-19 because all of the couriers come to your home with a protective mask
INSTEAD OF A CONCLUSION: Variquit for varicose veins is an excellent natural solution with anti-inflammatory and vascular recovery effects. The cream doesn’t just stop the symptoms but treats the problem on a cellular level. You should, though, buy the original product if you want to get rid of varicose veins in up to 30 days. Make an online order from the official website at a special price with a 50% discount right away. Don’t buy the cream from any other place, including Mercado Libre or the pharmacy in Argentina.


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