Psolixir cream for psoriasis – Price and Effects

Psolixir Cream Review Philippines Malaysia IndiaPsolixir cream is designed to help you deal with psoriasis in domestic conditions and with no hassle. This natural medicine has a very attractive budget-friendly price in the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore. Customers claim that the effect is instant from the very first application. We have researched the cream and its benefits to eventually conclude that it’s the first thing on the market capable to treat psoriasis once and for all.

Please, have a look at our Psolixir original review below.

IMPORTANT: Psolixir has been discontinued. If you are battling psoriasis we recommend Eczemaron. This natural product is proven to help with skin abnormalities and irritation. Read about Eczemaron’s effects!

What is Psolixir original? How it works?

What is Psolixir original

Psolixir original is a cream made of organic certified agents that quickly remove all uncomfortable and aching symptoms of psoriasis – one of the top often seen dermatologic conditions in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and India.

This product works as a fast regeneration for the skin to fully eliminate the disease on a cellular level. But at first the cream fights the annoying and in many cases extremely painful symptoms such as itching, formation of lesions, aching and even fatigue, depression and constant insomnia. If you wonder for what Psolixir should be applied, we should tell you that save for severe psoriasis, the cream can be used for many other skin conditions, including cracked, rough and sensitive skin due to allergies, dermatitis, etc.

This patented revolutionary formula makes a real breakthrough in the contemporary dermatology. With its smart composition the cream quickly determine the zone with damaged cells and efficiently rejuvenate them by exfoliating and softening all the three skin layers. Psolixir is the only psoriasis cream with a long-lasting effect. It does not lead to a temporary remission, but restores the damaged skin cells with no risk of new infection in the future.

Advantages, effects and benefits

Psolixir advantages include not only full elimination of the psoriasis disease, but also a complete treatment for the disease with no chance for future crises. Unlike all other pharmacy tablets, gel products and other therapies popular in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and India this natural medicine is capable to remove the cause of the disease. Psolixir original effects are numerous and 100% guaranteed regardless of the psoriasis stage. The skin receives strong moisturizing effect to unlock the functions of the skin barrier. This is how new lesions and attacks – like viruses, bacteria and allergens – from the surrounding environment will not enter the epidermis. In addition to these, the cream immediately suppresses the inflammation making you feel more comfortable from the very first day of the therapy.

Here are even more Psolixir benefits to expect:

  • Full removal of the patches on different skin zones: knees, face, elbows, hands, feet and the back
  • 200% more enhanced and improves skin condition
  • Wonderful nourishment of all the skin layers for a faster recovery
  • The cream creates an invisible layer for further protection
  • Removes the risk of psoriasis complications: affection of the liver and the kidneys, bleeding on skin, damages of the spinal column, loss of vision, as well as further psychiatric problems due to lowering of the quality of life
  • Provides an easy domestic therapy for a disease which is determined as not curable. But this is not true! Psoriasis can be defeated simply now

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Short Details about Psolixir

Psolixir Price1790 PHP
Where to Buy?Product is out of stock
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

Psolixir composition and ingredients


Psolixir original content is the other huge benefit. We have all seen the gel, cream and other psoriasis products available in the Philippines, Singapore, India and Malaysia that are filled in with very dangerous and drying elements. Instead, this innovative formula uses mild ingredients, but in high concentration to speed up the skin recovery process. This cream is also 100% hypoallergenic, approved by numerous dermatology specialists and provided with a quality certificate for a safe, bio and suitable for vegan product.

Here are the main active Psolixir ingredients:

  • Turmeric extract eliminates the pain and the itching. This herbal composition restores the swollen and red areas in the skin and treats all types of inflammation.
  • Bamboo extract is added to block the infection spread, as well as to minimize the chances for any psoriasis complication.
  • Aloe Vera extract gives a quick relief as it sooths and softens the skin. Thanks to its hydrating effect the wounds recover faster and the epidermis surface becomes gentle and healthy again.
  • Boswellin serrata kills the psoriasis pathogens and protects the sensitive recovering skin from viral attacks. This plant has the ability to eliminate the psoriasis cause and to later add some protective layers for the skin. It has toning and smoothing effect.
  • Bhasma is an important segment in the formula as it provides slowing down of the cell division, as well as the detachment of the epidermis. This feature is significant in the psoriasis therapy, because the two processes usually lead to wounds and formation of plaques.
  • Lemon oil enhances the skin barrier and improves the immunity reaction in case of inflammation. In addition to these, the essential oil provides an amazing relieving antiseptic effect.
  • Nutmeg oil is another killer for the plaques. It also encourages the self-rejuvenating skills of the skin to speed up the healing of the wounds.
  • Neem extract removes the risk of the spread of the disease all over your body. It has an alternative to the antibiotics features to kill bacterial infections.

How to use the cream against psoriasis? Instructions

Instructions for use

How to use Psolixir is the first and the last thing you should get aware of if you suffer from psoriasis. Whether you have noticed the first signs of the disease on your hands or you are in a further severe stage, the instructions for the cream application are the same. Please, not that all customers from the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Singapore receive the product instructions, including info for the recommended dose in their local language.

Now, please, have a look at the Psolixir original instructions in brief below:

  • This cream is made only for external application
  • You should not exceed the daily dose
  • Daily dose: apply a small amount of the cream twice per day (better in the morning and in the evening)
  • How to use Psolixir? – First of all, make sure the affected zone is clean and dry. Then, apply a small amount of the cream and gently spread it around. Wait for the cream to absorb and work for 15 minutes and then, put your clothes on back
  • The minimum duration of the therapy is 1 month

Side effects and contraindications

Psolixir side effects are not possible to appear in any patient. During the clinical trials in Malaysia, the Philippines, India and Singapore the volunteers reported to have never sensed any unpleasant feeling while using the cream. Moreover, they claim that after completing the medicine course not just psoriasis was gone but the skin condition was highly improved. The producer says that Psolixir contraindications do not exist, which means that everyone can use it without the necessity of a preliminary check by a doctor. A prescription is not needed, either, when you make an online order for the cream.

Psolixir opinions and reviews in online forums

Psolixir opinions and reviews

Psolixir opinions seem to be the top clear evidence about the cream efficiency. Literally only those who have not tried this natural medicine could not manage their psoriasis condition. Within the reviews in numerous health online forum websites in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and India we read about thousands of happy stories.

There were reviews from patients who used to live with psoriasis for years. They say that the cream fully restored their skins and now they can appear in public places with no feeling of a shame or depression to kill them every day. In addition to these, besides the real customer Psolixir original opinions there are also comments and opinions, as well as official reviews by specialists – doctors from the sphere of dermatology say that they “have not seen anything like this before. For many years we said our patients that psoriasis cannot be cured. It seems, though, that the contemporary medicine has advanced enough to give millions of patients with skin disorders a relief at an affordable price!”.

Check out now some more reviews from online forum posts left by real people:

“I bless the day I found this cream every night in my prayers. You might think that I am overreacting, but the truth is that psoriasis fully destroyed my life. I quit my job, because I was in fashion industry and skin disorders are not allowed there. I tried everything I found in the pharmacy, but nothing worked. On the contrary, my condition worsened with each next day until one day my doctor told me that the infection can get to my eyes and I might get blind. I thought that this is my end, but a friend of mine ordered me this cream. What could I do save for trying it? I tried too many things and another product – especially an eco-friendly one – was nothing. And then it happened – the miracle! My hand skin was recovered in a week. The lesions on my head disappeared in another one week. And one day I just woke up with no itching or pain!”

“Great product. Psolixir original worth it every coin! And by the way the price is cheaper than any therapy for psoriasis you can receive in Singapore.”

“I love this cream. It makes the skin smooth and glowing. I dealt with psoriasis in a couple of weeks only, but I just cannot stop using the cream. It makes my hands so soft and nice to touch!”

Absolutely awesome cream. This is the only thing that stopped the symptoms like bleeding and aching. I believe in one more week the psoriasis will be gone!”

Psolixir price in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia & India

Psolixir price

Psolixir price in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India is the same. As a matter of fact the price is very cheap. Psolixir price is now even on sale. You can see the standard price reduced with 50%. And this is not just a Christmas promo campaign that will be soon ended up. On the contrary, we believe that the producer will keep this promotion for a long time. Though, we do not know how long, so you should better hurry up and buy this efficient natural medicine for psoriasis.

Where to buy Psolixir original – pharmacy, Shopee,  Lazada and Watsonor official website?

But where to buy Psolixir original? Pharmacy is not a reliable place to find the original product. Shopee,  Lazada and Watson might be popular places where you usually buy medicine, cosmetic and food supplement products. But in this case you should avoid any purchases there. The thing is that in pharmacy, Shopee,  Lazada and Watson Psolixir is faked. There might be a product available with this name, but it is not the original one. The only place from where you can buy the original Psolixir is the official website. Here is the only place where the promo for -50% discount is available.

See the way you can make a quick and safe online order:

  • Open the official website
  • Find the online order form
  • Fill it in with names and telephone number
  • Wait for a phone call (within less than 24 hours)
  • Confirm your order and provide your address for delivery
  • The delivery in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India takes up to 5 days

cream psoriasis, skin irritation

LAST THOUGHTS: Psolixir original cream removes the psoriasis forever and improves the skin condition better than any other medicine you will find in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India pharmacy. The product is at a great price and it has a long-term effect rather than giving only a temporary effect.

IMPORTANT: Psolixir has been discontinued. If you are battling psoriasis we recommend Eczemaron. This natural product is proven to help with skin abnormalities and irritation. Read about Eczemaron’s effects!

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