Promicil – Revitalizing Foot Cream? Reviews, Price?

Promicil cream ReviewPromicil is a newly-presented remedy for foot fungus. The cream is accessible in all of Europe and this article will share with our readers more information related to: What is Promicil – effects and advantages? How to apply the cream – instructions for use? What do clients state in their reviews and opinions? How much is Promicil – price, and where to buy it?


Promicil is a powerful cream for mycosis. The continuous application of the remedy eliminates a whole series of problems related to the skin of the feet. Promicil is able to neutralize foot fungus, bad smell, sweating, and skin cracks. In addition, the cream penetrates the epidermal layers thus moisturizing and regenerating their structure and health from the inside. The composition of Promicil is 100% bio-based which means that the remedy doesn’t invoke health complaints and contradictions. Clients, therefore, can apply it regularly without any worries.

We see that customers in Europe actively discuss Promicil with reviews and opinions on forums and websites. Read the remaining text below for more details. In addition, we will tell you some updates about the price of the bio-remedy for foot fungus.

Panthenol – Health Benefits

Panthenol – Health Benefits

Panthenol, or dexpanthenol, is a precursor of vitamin B and with significant participation in the metabolic processes of skin regeneration. Medical texts state that panthenol itself has no cosmetic effect, but becomes active when it is converted in the skin into cosmetically effective pantothenic acid. Due to its high compatibility, it is often used in cosmetic products for babies. It has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, and healing properties. Panthenol improves the barrier function of the skin and its elasticity. In addition, it promotes cell regeneration and wound healing, which is why it is also used for injuries and sunburn. As the blood flow is reduced, the redness of the skin quickly disappears and itching decreases. As a result, many manufacturers include the ingredient in natural products for foot fungus.

The most important health benefits of panthenol are:

  • Natural origin and gentle care for sensitive skin;
  • Healing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative actions;
  • Improves skin’s barrier function and elasticity;
  • Eliminates redness, itching, and swelling;
  • Hydrating and smoothing effects.

How to Deal with Fungal Infection?

What Is Promicil – Can It Relieve Mycosis

What Is Promicil

Promicil is a natural cream for foot fungus. It deeply moisturizes the skin, gives it a strong defense, eliminates fungus, and relieves cracks and itching. Unlike other products, Promicil is suitable for application on the entire surface of the feet. It absorbs quickly and leaves no marks on clothes. Massive clinical studies show that Promicil is among the most effective remedies for foot and nail fungus. Already after the first treatment cycle, the infection passes and does not come back. All this is thanks to the 100% bio-based formula of the cream. Promicil contains natural ingredients only and its application does not invoke contradictions and health complaints in clients.

Promicil – Reviews of Customers

Promicil cream Opinions comments Price

What do people share in their Promicil reviews and comments? Most customers from Europe share positive Promicil reviews and opinions. They say that the anti-fungal remedy penetrates evenly over the entire affected area. It leaves no traces on fabrics and does not require washing. Its healing properties are strong too. Dermatologists recommend Promicil with praising reviews on Instagram and Facebook. This shows that the effectiveness of the remedy is confirmed by professionals too.

Customer Reviews:

I thought that mycosis would only disappear briefly and then come back. I have tried numerous medicines and nothing helped me in the long term. Promicil is the cream that manages to neutralize the infection completely. I am very happy and I recommend it to everyone.”

“I read many positive comments about Promicil so I bought it. I started applying it every day to my nails and their structure and natural color returned. I didn’t expect so quick effectiveness but the results are here.”

“The best advantage of Promicil cream is its natural content. I cannot explain how powerful and pleasant its action is. My skin is now soft and with normal color. The cracks are gone and I no longer suffer from this constant itching.”

Advantages & Benefits of the Remedy for Mycosis

Usually, some of the clients comment on the advantages of Promicil in their reviews and opinions.


  • Free from the symptoms of fungi from the first application;
  • Eliminates mycosis completely with only 1 cycle of use;
  • Relieves itching, cracking, and irritation of the skin;
  • Neutralizes the unpleasant smell;
  • Stabilizes the work of the sweat glands;
  • Heals wounds and cracks on the feet.


  • Promicil is not sold in the pharmacy.

How to Apply Promicil – Instructions for Use

Read the available Promicil instructions for use. Make sure to apply the revitalizing foot cream every day to enjoy lasting results. Michele Passero is a reputable dermatologist. He believes that Promicil has long proven its effectiveness. Its strong point is the wide range of action. Even if you do not have all the symptoms it is advisable to use the cream for preventive measures.

How to apply Promicil cream?

The instructions are:

  • Before use, clean your feet thoroughly and dry them well;
  • Apply a thin layer of cream on the foot;
  • Use every night before bed for 30 days.


Promicil causes no health complaints or other sudden contradictions because of its patented bio-formula. It includes no dangerous ingredients or other unwanted components. So, clients can apply the cream regularly and safely.

Composition – Ingredients & Action


The composition of Promicil is all-organic. The formula contains valuable ingredients such as allantoin, triclosan, and panthenol. Below, you will see the full list of important components which comprise the final composition of the remedy for foot fungus.

The main ingredients of Promicil are:

  • Glycerin – has antiseptic properties, protects dry tissues, and restores damaged areas of the nails;
  • Urea – improves the absorption of other ingredients into the skin, has anesthetic properties, and protects against pathogenic bacteria;
  • Magnesium sulfate – has a soothing effect. Stops the spread of mycoses and prevents their reappearance;
  • Calendula flower extract – activates protective functions and stimulates cell renewal processes. It also accelerates the tissue regeneration processes.

Short Details about Promicil

Promicil Price49 EUR
Where to Buy?▶️ Buy Here
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None

Promicil – Price & Where to Buy

Promicil – Price

How much is Promicil and where to buy it in Europe? As of now, the manufacturer of the natural remedy provides clients with the chance to purchase Promicil at an affordable price. For this to happen, the producer of the cream distributes it only through its dedicated web page. There, you can find the short application form for orders. Complete it and get an attractive Promocil price offer.

Currently, numerous special campaigns are running on the site of the cream for mycosis. All of them provide customers with access to additional discounts and other bonuses. Check them now and get your powerful anti-fungal cream Promicil at an affordable price.

Is It Sold in Pharmacies

No, you cannot find the authentic brand Promicil in a pharmacy or on Amazon. We explained the situation in the above paragraph. So, if you see a cream that looks like Promicil in a pharmacy then this is just a potential fake imitation and a scam. Our purpose here is to help clients avoid these situations. This means that you should not try to get the original product Promicil in the pharmacy.

Bottom Line: The herbal cream for foot fungus Promicil is available in Europe. The action of the remedy neutralizes all types of fungal infections. Customers write positive reviews and opinions about it. The formula of the cream is bio-based and does not trigger side effects. On the contrary, this product is more effective than competitive brands on the market.

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