LiveroMax Review – All-Natural Liver Detoxification That Protects from Inflammation!

LiveroMax capsule Review PhilippinesLiveroMax is all-natural complete liver detoxification pills that work for people of all age groups. They have been very popular in the Philippines. The likely-named manufacturer says that LiveroMax works to cleanse the body, serving for the quick removal of toxins and heavy metals. Client comments and opinions on forums confirm that they feel better and more energized after using it. The detox solution comes in an encapsulated form that balances digestion and intestinal flora. There have been no reports about negative side effects, allergies, or contraindications in the testimonials. Professional hepatologists also recommend it, as a great pocket-friendly alternative to medicine. LiveroMax’s all-organic composition features many immunity-boosting herbs and plants. The formula consists of active extracts from milk thistle, dandelion, celery, and artichoke. Their combination makes your organism clean, helps you control your weight, and gives the skin a glowing appeal.


Where to buy LiveroMax at a good price online in the Philippines? Should I be careful not to fall for high-cost scams on portals, like Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon? How many times to take the liver detoxification pills daily? Does the official website of the product offer -50% price discounts?

Learn more in this LiveroMax review!

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Dandelion for the Liver & Body!

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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is an herbaceous plant that everyone has heard about. Its yellow flowers adorn the grassy forests and fields every spring. Its name, translated from French – ‘dent de lion’, means ‘lion’s teeth’. Folk medicine considers that it blossoms under the rays of the clear sun. All parts of the dandelion – flowers, leaves, stems, and roots – have healing properties. They help deal with various health problems. Dandelion flowers are usually used to make tea. The root is dried and used for tea and compresses. Dandelion leaves can be added raw to salads and sandwiches. Or they can be stewed and added as a side dish to a main course or sauce.

Nutritionists that they are 5 main benefits for the liver and body of dandelion:

  1. It Strengthens the Bones & Teeth Because of Its High Vitamin A, C, & K Contents.
  2. Dandelion Tones the Body & Improves the Work of the Liver Due to Its Detox Properties.
  3. The Leaves Are an Excellent Agent for Enhancing Diuretics.
  4. The Herb Is Very Useful for People with Diabetes.
  5. It Has a Strong Antibacterial & Antiseptic Effect, Clearing the Skin from Imperfections.

LiveroMax Client Comments & Opinions

LiveroMax capsules opinions comments

LiveroMax is all-natural liver detoxification pills that clients in the Philippines give a 5-star rating to in comments and opinions on forums. The testimonials say that LiveroMax serves for the quicker relief of bloating and improves cognitive functions. The manufacturer attributes customer satisfaction rates to the organic composition and the fact. The liver detox pills do not induce negative side effects, tummy irritations, or contraindications. This data is further backed up by science-verified results, achieved in clinical trials.

The liver-cleansing pills delivered 95% positive results. LiveroMax serves for the complete detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract, giving energy, and improving the daily tone. Many customers say in their LiveroMax comments and opinions on forums that they have stopped taking medicine, thanks to it. According to the testimonials, it improves the quality of life by balancing the operation of the human body.


Millions of people of all age groups have relieved their liver and stomach problems with the help of LiveroMax. The natural detoxification pills serve for the active toning of the body. This is what clients like the most about them in their online comments and opinions on forums:

  • All-Natural Bloating & Tummy Ache Relief;
  • The Organic Composition of the Capsules Make You Feel & Look Better;
  • The Product Serves for the Complete Detoxification of the Liver;
  • There Are No Side Effect Complaints in LiveroMax Feedback;
  • The Price in the Philippines Is Cost-Efficient on the Manufacturer’s Official Website;

Nota Bene! Results can differ individually!

Reviews from clients

I like to eat fatty meat and have a drink or two even now and then. But I am not, as young as I used to be. My wife told me that I have to do something to cleanse my liver or I will have great troubles in the future. I said I didn’t want chemically rich medicine so he recommended the LiveroMax pills. I ordered them online via the official website and have to say that the price is quite affordable for the Philippines. I have been taking them daily for a month and not only does my liver function normally but I am 8 kg down!
–        Basilio Ramos;
I am genetically predisposed to liver and stomach problems. I used to feel bloated all the time, no matter how less or healthy I ate. My sister recommended that I take the LiveroMax pills. They helped her. I quickly bought them and took them for a month. Now, the pain and swelling are completely gone and I am slimmer, no matter what I put on the menu!
–        Diwa Garcia;

Short Details about LiveroMax

LiveroMax Price1.950 PHP
Where to Buy?▶️ Official Website
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

How Many Times to Take LiveroMax Daily? Instructions

These natural body-cleansing pills come in an encapsulated form to optimize stomach and liver functions. According to the expert hepatologists that examined their action during clinical trials, LiveroMax works with a 95% efficiency to deliver quick pain and bloating relief. This is a complex herbal solution for complete liver care. Regular intake leads to the active boosting of the immune system and healthy weight control. There are no negative side effects or complications. Just take the capsules at the right dosage, described in the instructions for use. They can be found, as a user manual, in the leaflet.

Take LiveroMax with no contraindications at the right dosage, following the instructions for use in the leaflet:

  1. Take 1-2 LiveroMax capsules 30 minutes before mealtime in the morning & evening.
  2. Eat healthily & stay hydrated.
  3. Repeat this process daily for a full calendar month to achieve complete liver detoxification!

Herbs for Liver Detox: Composition

ingredients livero max

The active composition of the LiveroMax capsules consists of several potent herbs. The main ingredients work together to help clients overcome liver problems and cleanse the entire system. The formula is vegan-friendly and suitable for people of all age groups. It also cleanses the skin, protects against inflammations, and promotes healthy weight loss.

LiveroMax’s active composition will help you achieve the following results:

  • Cleanse the Liver & Entire Body, Relieving Bloating & Improving Brain Activity;
  • Actively Regenerate Liver Tissues & Cells;
  • Tone the Skin & Protect Yourself from Urinary Tract Infections;

The main ingredients in LiveroMax’s formula are:

  • Dandelion Extract: This herb protects against infections and restores the normal functioning of the liver, detoxifying and regenerating it.
  • Milk Thistle Extract: A well-known member of the daisy family that is very good for gut health.
  • Celery Extract: The vegetable is very rich in healthy vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals, helping one tackle excess weight and toning the skin.
  • Artichoke Extract: It balances HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, optimizing the functioning of the body.

Where to Buy LiveroMax? Price in the Philippines? Shopee? Lazada?

LiveroMax Price Philippines

The manufacturer says that clients in the Philippines will make a smart consumer choice if they buy LiveroMax via the official website. The price there is equivalent for the entire region of South-Eastern Asia. Also, they will avoid falling prey to scam offers that circulate on sales portals, like Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon. The liver detoxification pills are not dispersed in any commercial pharmacy chain. This would make their cost go up.

The speedy and safe order and delivery process are carried out under the strictest hygiene measures. The licensed web page of LiveroMax also provides constant access to good price discounts to new and old customers alike. To take advantage of them, simply fill in a name and current telephone number in the digital form. A distribution officer will get in touch with you shortly. The product will arrive in 7 business days and you can pay via the COD method.

This is where to get LiveroMax at the best possible price online in the Philippines:

  1. Enter Your Name & Current Telephone Number in the Digital Form on the Official Website.
  2. Answer the Call from the Distributor to Specify the Delivery Details.
  3. Get LiveroMax, Pay with COD Method, & Free Your Liver from Toxins & Heavy Metals!

The Liver Is the Centrifuge of the Body!

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Every organ in the digestive system is important. But the liver is the one that takes the biggest responsibility in cleansing our body from waste, toxins, and chemicals. You can ease its work by performing regular detoxes and eating lots of fresh seasonal produce!

Bottom Line: One of the most affordable products for active liver detoxification in the Philippines is the LiveroMax pills. The organic capsules serve for the active cleansing of the digestive system. They also work to tone the skin, boost immunity, and improve diuretics, say client comments and opinions on forums. Professional hepatologists often recommend them, as a safe alternative to medicine.


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