FootOk anti-fungal spray at a cheap price in Nepal where the product has lots of positive testimonials

FootOk spray Review NepalFootOk is a 100% organic anti-fungal solution with fast effect and guaranteed results. Designed in the form of a spray this medical product with an authentic content and zero chemical ingredients receives a lot of positive testimonials in Nepal these days. As a result of these, we were impressed by the solution and decided to research it in details. The first shocking thing we discovered about the innovative spray is that it’s at a very affordable price and works even in severe infections. Find out more in our today’s FootOk original review below.


What is FootOk? What does it serve for?

What is FootOk

FootOk is a spray that’s been projected to fight any kind of fungal infection. This is the feature that makes the product one of a kind. Unlike most anti-fungal gel, cream and other similar pharmacy solutions, FootOk serves to detect the concrete microorganism and combat its spread depending on the concrete fungal type and speed of progressing. Due to these, we can call the spray the first smart anti-fungal remedy with 101% potential to eliminate the bacterial infection on your feet, toes and nails. What’s even more revolutionary about the spray is that it leaves an invisible protection coat against complications or further risks of infection development.

FootOk effect, results and benefits

FootOk effect represents a long-term researching process in the top fast-working herbs and plants with anti-fungal action.  These days you cannot find in any Nepal pharmacy a product like this, because it doesn’t just stop the itching or the fall of the nails. It fully eliminates the fungal infection. Due to these, you can expect permanent anti-fungal FootOk original results no matter what strain has caused the swelling, pain, connective tissue damage and itching of your feet. One of the biggest benefits of this product is that while treating the problems, it fully recovers the skin on a cellular level by improving the skin barrier, hydrating and nourishing the three dermal layers.

Here are some more FootOk results to expect after 1-month treatment course:

  • Deep restoration of the entire nail or stimulation of faster re-growing of new nails, if there are fallen ones due to the severe infection
  • Quick anti-odour effect that’s combined with nice deodorizing action
  • Exfoliation of the upper infected skin zone without unnecessary removal of the healthy dermal layers
  • Immediate blockage of the inflammation process
  • Thanks to its high content of proteins the connective tissue regenerates faster and in a more efficient way

FootOk original testimonials and reviews in Nepal

FootOk spray Review Nepal - Price, opinions, effects

FootOk testimonials are different and full of positive comments, but what unites them is the 100% guarantee for salvation from the stubborn fungal infection. We know how unpleasant it is not to be able to take your shoes off when visit a friend due to the shame of the smell coming from your feet or the constant itching you cannot work and concentrate with. And you might not believe it now, but in all the Nepal reviews FootOk original is pointed as the only solution that can stop this disgusting and endless battle against fungi. In these testimonials customers swear that from the first application the spray stops the itching and the nasty smell immediately, while in the next few days the redness disappears, too. Moreover, in several testimonials specialists share their own reviews about the product. Numerous Nepal dermatology and immunology experts claim that the “product attack only the damaged zone and leaves intact the healthy skin, so no harms typical for the acid solutions can be harmed, while the immune system T-cells activates the further protection against new infection”.

Here are now some testimonials and reviews from real customers:

“I love this spray. It works so fast. Nothing helped me so quickly to reduce the itching. I hope the fungi will be gone forever, just like all the reviews claim it”

“Amazing thing! It doesn’t cause any irritations or other side effects. I am in love with the fantastic aroma. My feet are baby-like and with no redness anymore!”

“Fungus infections always come to me after flu or some other respiratory virus. I stop coughing, but months after that I cannot fight them. My sister recommended me this spray and I was shocked how fast it cured me. But, then, I got a virus again and guess what? No fungus infection after it all!”

FootOk works! The price is cheap and the delivery in Nepal is fast. I applied it the first evening I got it and I slept normally without scratching my feet all night long. The next day I went to work and when I got back home my feet did not smell awfully like usual. In one month my feet and toes were like new again!”

“Cool thing. Very helpful. I use it every day and the nails started growing again. No pain or some negative reaction. Besides, I got a great free consultation by phone.”

FootOk pros

  • Removes all fungi types
  • Stops the bad smell, itching, redness and pain at once
  • Helps the re-growing process of the nails
  • Nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin
  • Provides further protection
  • Activates the immunity system to block the infection progress
  • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • Free consultation by phone
  • Free delivery in Nepal
  • 5 from 5 customer rating according to the Nepal testimonials

Fungal Infection On the Feet – Symptoms & Treatment

FootOk cons

  • Not available in the pharmacy
  • Cannot be found in Amazon
  • Not available in Shopee and Lazada
  • Can be bought only via the internet


FootOk price Nepal. Where can you buy it?

FootOk price Nepal

FootOk price is affordable. In Nepal other gel, cream and numerous different anti-fungal solutions aren’t just more expensive, but less effective. Some of them bring temporary relief from the fungi symptoms, but don’t cure the cause and thus, the negative senses of itching, pain and inflammation come back soon again, including with complications such as gangrene, diabetic neuropathy, progressing to other zones of the leg and many more. Right now the cheap FootOk price is even more competitive. The official distributor in Nepal has a promo campaign. Everyone can take benefit of it – with no special requirements, limits or conditions – and get the 50% discount of the FootOk original price.

FootOk in pharmacy, Shopee, Lazada, Amazon or official website?

FootOk in pharmacy, Shopee, Lazada and Amazon shouldn’t be bough. For anything in life don’t purchase the spray from these places. You cannot find the original FootOk in pharmacy, Shopee, Lazada and Amazon, because these days the Nepal distributor sells it only at one place – the official website. Everywhere else you can find the product of the same name puts you at risk. It is because the replica has a completely different composition – full of toxins and acids that can worsen your nail, toe or foot condition.

Learn how to make a quick FootOk online order in up to 2 minutes:

  • Open the official website for Nepal
  • See the instructions for usage, composition and the effect
  • If you want to order the product, you don’t have to prepay it
  • Instead, you should just leave your names and telephone number
  • Wait for a phone call by a consultant
  • You can ask for a free consultation or directly order the product
  • Delivery time in Nepal – 3-5 business days
  • Delivery in Nepal – FREE of charge
  • Please, if you see a product of the same name in any other place different from the official website, avoid it, because it is a scam

Short Details about the supplement

FootOk Price4500 NRS
Where to Buy?▶️ Official Website
Available in PharmaciesNo
Is it a Scam?⛔️The original product works
Client Reviews⭐️Positive
Expert OpinionsRecommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% Natural
Easy to Use?Yes, see the instructions
Side Effects❌None
Sold on AmazonNot available

FootOk content, formula and ingredients


FootOk content is organic, hypoallergenic, risk-free and not tested on animals. The formula is based on plant extracts and essential oils that in their synergic action enables the fungi treatment, the immunity cells prophylaxis and the further skin protection. This innovative FootOk original content has no GMO, preservatives, chemicals or parebens. The ingredients are harmless even for the most sensitive skin. They don’t colour the clothes, but absorb deeply in all the three dermal layers in a flash of a second.

Check out now the main active ingredients in FootOk content:

  • Lavender essential oil. With its anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and treating properties it speeds up the natural regeneration of the cells. In addition to these, this oil is a calming agent that removes all typical fungi symptoms like itching, sweating and bleeding.
  • Tea tree oil. With its direct immunity system stimulation role the oil supports the cellular regenerative role and provides the protection for the skin in future. It enables the T-cells that reacts in case of an attack and helps the body to suppress numerous side effects, including fungi infection, while using antibiotics or having flue, respiratory virus, parasites and you name it.
  • Ghee kumari extract. It’s taken from a very rare, but valuable for the ancient Asian nations herb. The plant attacks all types of fungi strains and activates the natural process in the body to create antibodies.
  • Lemon oil. It supports the nourishment, hydration and recovery of the infected skin. The oil improves the blood circulation and protects bones and muscles when the infection processes.
  • Urea. Thanks to this element the formula stops the thickening of the skin and nail plates. Day after day urea will beautify and heal the skin to make it look like and feel perfectly well.
  • L-Arginine. This ingredient supports the faster connective tissue regeneration. As a valuable nourishing amino acid L-Arginine activates the faster protein metabolism and enables the skin to become healthy and intact again.

How to use FootOk spray – details, guides, leaflet info

Foot Ok

How to use FootOk is the most important thing you should read in the available instructions within the Nepal leaflet. It’s where you will find all the details, guides and dose recommendations for your efficient treatment in domestic conditions. Note that this spray can be used at home with no need to consult with a doctor in advance. Although it is not a medicine to buy from pharmacy, you should read the product instructions and stick to them, as well as to the daily recommended dose prudently. Attention: don’t exceed the mentioned daily dosage.

Find out how to use FootOk:

  • Before you apply the spray, open the product box and read the included instructions
  • Use the spray only externally and rinse, if it appears in the eyes
  • What’s the daily recommended dose: 2 times per day
  • How to use FootOk? – Spray at the affected zone, including the nearby nail and wait for the liquid to absorb. Then, put your socks and shoes on. Note that you should apply the spray on a dry and preliminarily cleaned feet.
  • How many days should I use the product: use the spray 2-3 weeks depending on the infection stage and the symptoms
  • For maximum results, use the entire spray bottle, which is enough for a 1-month effective treatment course

FootOk contraindications and side effects?

FootOk contraindications are not known yet. No patient has complained about any negative reaction. Have in mind that FootOk side effects are not discovered yet. During the clinical trials in Nepal the volunteers made it to get rid of the fungi in 3 weeks.

FINAL WORDS: FootOk spray is made to help you remove the fungi, all of the feet symptoms and protect yourself from further infection. The product is natural and improves the skin condition with organic content. Right now you can buy it with 50% discount from the FootOk original price. Look for the spray only in the official website for Nepal. It’s faked everywhere else!


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